I've been more active in World of Tanks in the last month. I took a pretty long hiatus when 8.6 was released since they nerfed artillery. I played a little here and there but wasn't really active till a couple weeks before 8.10 was released.

When 8.6 came out the longer reload and aim times combined with the significant blast radius reduction ruined artillery for me. In recent playing I realize I never was much good with artillery. There are some real top notch arty players out there even with the nerf. Still I kept my SPGs. I kept my hummel and I even got a GW Panther since it was on discount. With one of the recent updates (8.6 I think) my equipment mounted on the hummel was demounted. It was complex equipment that would have cost me gold to remove and actually keep. I've mounted them on the GW instead since that was my new project. The hummel is elite so there's nothing to research aside from crew skills. I'm keeping both SPGs though since they will come in handy later.

When I first got my Ferdinand TD I hated it. It was so slow I couldn't do anything with it. I've got all the best equipment mounted now so it works well. My big goal is to buy the next TD in the line, the Jagdtiger, before I reach 5000 battles. I need 90.000 exp plus almost 4 million credits in the next 1300 battles to make that happen. An ordinary battle nets me between 200-600 exp and daily doubles can make me 1000-2000 so I know I'll have it researched in plenty of time. Getting the credits might not happen but I'll at least have it researched by 5k battles.

My friend Klay got me into the game and he was at 5k battles before he got his first tier 8. He makes a big deal about being a great gamer so that's why I want to get my tier 9 so I can brag I got further than he did and faster.