Ares' breathing was harsh as she struggled to fill her lungs long enough to calm down. Her rage was legendary, as was her violent nature. Deimos shifted his weight from foot to foot before moving closer, being mindful of Ares' mood, to pour the goddess some wine. Ares watched, focusing on him purposely so that she would have something to briefly take her mind off her anger.

"Zeus had threatened to take your title from you," Hephaestus confessed quietly, knowing she needed to hear just how close she came to no longer being the God of War. "It was only thanks to Apollo that you managed to keep it. Aphrodite had threatened to ruin any and all relationships he would ever have and - still - he almost did it."

It said quite a bit about how desperately he wanted Ares gone - and how much hold Athena had over him.

"I cannot simply submit, Hephaestus," Ares looked down at him, her rage settled but still very much present. She took the goblet Deimos offered her and drained the contents quickly, handing the cup back to him before she resumed pacing. It was a habit, she was sorry to say, a common sight and a regular occurrence. "I would rather take a death sentence than willingly give up without a fight."

Hephaestus started to reach out a hand to still the goddess but thought better and pulled back. "I know, Ares," He said instead, "I know."

"What do you think I should do then?" Ares glanced at him briefly before refocusing on her steps, needing to keep her mind off her punishment.

Off of Tartarus. Its labyrinth-like layout; its varying temperatures of blistering heat and bone-chilling cold; its different pattern of time, changing the light in its cells from blinding bright to pitch black; its ever shifting floors, making a room larger and smaller randomly simply to keep a prisoner from making a successful escape plan. Tartarus had no guards - it needed no guards - it was a living entity of an entirely different sort than Ares and Hephaestus.

All Tartarus knew was its prisoners and how to keep them - Ares did not wish to become caught in its web.