I think its high time I officially put gaia behind me. My name is since tarnished due to my own faults, and associated with drama-- which I can not possibly handle anymore of.

Regardless of my original work ethic throughout the first few years of my "business", I'm aware that what I didn't do is the problem and I accept that. I've done what I can to never repeat my mistakes.

I'll deal with refunds and make-up-art through email etc. While there is no legal standing towards getting any cash refunds (due to the fact I'm on disability) I still have hope that I will one day actually be able to work and then I can repay what was given to me. It helped me tremendously and despite what some may think I do not take that lightly.

Those of you who need it should all have my email by now, but if you don't or lost it feel free to note me on DA "arafel"-- I'm not active there but I check my notes now and then.

I wish you all the best. I hope that no one suffered on my account.