It has been a while since a flower has blossomed from my paper
and embellished it with its benevolent sign of happiness
My happiness lies in you and it has been absent for as long as you have been
Ever since then, my life has been shrouded in painful darkness

I sit here reminiscing on beautiful memories,
that once brought me immense joy
and now they bring profound sadness to my heart
with every stroke of my pen

Why do I eat this food?
It only feeds my suffering
Why do I even try?
My futile efforts only help me climb this mountain,
in which my downfall lies at the top
My mind is a convoluted labyrinth of unanswered questions, despair,
and broken dreams
Try to explore it and you will find yourself lost in your expedition
Try understanding and you will find a riddle you cannot solve
Regardless, it is too late to save me
I have fallen too deep into my melancholy

Now I send out my orison, my last resort,
to the heavens,
hoping that God will expedite my suffering
and alleviate this incessant aching in my heart