While filling in a circle with graphite, something landed on the desk a few inches away. It sat there, an innocuous black dot of flesh with wings thin as the air surrounding them. A being so small it surprised me that gravity hadn’t already crushed it. It stood there meticulously scrutinizing every cell of the gigantic being that stood before it. I disregarded the stranger for a minute or two, thinking it would disappear, while I answered the next question. I looked back and it was still there enjoying the serene atmosphere of the room. It approached me, faltering at every step of the way and cautiously analyzing my dilatory movements. I did not know if to admire the creature’s valor or laugh at its immense arrogance. Surely it was unaware or its discernment of my movements was an extreme underestimation. It thought its incredible agility could best mine. I could not hinder myself from feeling pity for the poor creature and I'm sure the feeling was mutual. If it only knew what I know, felt what I feel, and lived what I’ve lived. I envied its ignorance and freedom. If it only knew what it was like to be the most unlucky creature in this world and to carry the burden of being a human.