Unconditional love,
that grants me access to a faraway paradise,
is what I feel for you
Breath taking beauty
is what I see in you
A euphonious voice,
that bypasses my senses
and makes me believe even the impossible,
is what I hear from you

Love is a bastion of benevolence
that is said to block all malevolence,
but I impugn this absurd assumption
because even love is susceptible

Blinded by love,
I lived a beautiful illusion,
flabbergasted by the heartbreaking reality to which I awoke to
Now I wander this warped nightmare
in which the futility of my efforts is proven with every disappointment presented,
debilitated by my ignominious ineptitude to overcome my profound melancholy

I venture into this unknown world of cruelty,
in which I am fate’s puppet,
with no hope of ever returning

I would give it all up to be with you my love,
but sadly I know you wouldn't do the same
Regardless, I refuse to let go of this suffering
even if I know my pitiful invocation
is nothing but a futile attempt to change my depressing fate