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Just Let Me Get This Out
This journal is just part of the enter workings of my brain. Sometimes a human needs a healthy release and I think this just might be it!
Wild Heathins
Let me begin with an apology. I have needed to rant for a long time about this, and to someone other than my coworkers because I can only say so much to them. But, the way parents are raising their children these days is just tearing me apart. For instance:
I live with my fiance, our roommate, his wife, all four of their children, a pit bull, a pom-chi, and an inbred cat. There are eight of us in a 3-bed, 2-bath double-wide. Her kids are both boys, one is two and the other is three. They are the whiniest kids I have ever came across. One has night terrors and cries throughout the night. Not once does their mother come out of her room to console to child, or even to tell him to be quiet. Because, it's not like there are others here trying to sleep at 2 a.m.. I just feel like she doesn't take us into consideration, like we are just supposed to "deal" with her obnoxious child screaming at the top of his lungs.
And I know her husband doesn't care for it. They've hardly been married a month, and it's the root of their problems. And I know it probably doesn't help that my fiance and I live here as well, in the master bedroom, but they were only dating when we moved to this place and it didn't seem serious. I personally think that they got married because his two young daughters badly needed a mother figure and her two young sons needed a father figure. I feel they just settled for the sake of their children.
Now don't think that his kids are just a walk in the park, because let me reassure you, they are NOT! They are six and four, and the oldest is jealous of all the attention the younger ones are getting, so she causes a scene and acts like she has no sense. The four year old is a nightmare. She wants to be treated like a baby 99% of the time and she doesn't want to listen to anyone. If you tell her to do something, she throws herself down and cries. Her dad hardly disciplines her or her sister, and they get away with everything. And that youngest girl is a hustler! She says things to her step-mother and me like, "My daddy lets me get all my toys out and draw on the wall." Once I hear the words, "my daddy lets" I tell her to go to her room, because I know she's gonna get me into trouble.
She and her new step-brother are a dynamic duo. Just last week I caught them drinking out of my roommates salt-water fish tank. And getting into the left over cake from the night before. I've also caught them sneaking oranges in the middle of the night and trying peel them by stabbing them with forks. Between these two, they have their hands full. But they wouldn't be so bad if they wouldn't spank them! I know it is hard for some parents to whoop their babies, but if you ever want them to listen and respect you, you have to let them know that YOU are in charge! Not them. They have no to right to run anything in your house hold. They only thing they need control of is their temper. And mouth.
I work in a grocery store, and I have for two years now. I see whiny a** children every day that do not listen to their parents. I work with some lady's that have six kids! And one of those lady's daughter is very disrespectful. She is 16, loud and obnoxious! I can't help but want to slap her every time I hear her speak to her mother. She is so rude to her, and very demanding. She red-lines her all the time and work (her daughter works there as well) and she talks to her mom like she is a peasant/slave. I would beat that kid! I want to tell her mom, if you give her the power to talk to you like that, she will only be hateful to you. If you take that power away, all she can do is abide by your rules. Kick her a** out of you house. Why should she live under your roof if she thinks she runs things. Make her spend her tiny paycheck paying the bills, then see how she is. Don't let her have access to anything, ever, that she has not worked for. (From what I've witnessed, all her kids treat her this way.)

It's just a bunch of crap, and I think I will end this rant here. Good Day.

Winnie Belle
Community Member
Winnie Belle
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