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I pressed my face into the dirt, and prayed I had not condemned myself.

I felt his hands on my shoulders. He gently raised me, until I once again stood, and looked him in the eyes.

"Hush now Daniel, your humility is admirable, but we are all servants to the light here," he said softly.

"Servants to the Light?" I said questioningly. "You mean servants to God right?"

Fredrick paused. "In a sense yes, God is the ultimate incarnate of Light. But when I say servant of the Light, I simply mean that we are enemies against the Dark, of which Satan is the ultimate incarnate."

I didn't know how to respond.

He just laughed again. "I know this takes time to understand ... and there will be time for that later. But right now, I need to explain what you have become."

I was confused. "Become, Father?" I began. "I have not become anything, I am still Daniel Fleeting, crusader of the Fourth Regiment.

He shook his head. "No Daniel, that life is behind you now," he said. "From hence on, you are a Judicair, or a sword of the Light."

"A Judicair, Father?"

"Yes Daniel. A Judicair is a human immortal servant of the Light, sworn to eliminate all elements of Darkness on Earth so that the Angels may focus on the celestial."

"Father, would that make me a real Crusader then?" I asked.

"The realest you can be,"

I nodded. "What must I do?"

Fredrick once again proffered the old sword. "A Judicair takes an oath taken to the Light. I have already preformed the initiation, and you have answered 'I do.' Now all that is left, is for you to take your sword, and your promise will be complete."

Slowly I reached out my hand, and grasped the pommel of the old sword.

It was warm to touch.

Suddenly, words began appearing on the blade, just above the small cross.

They read 'Fleeting Light'.

Father Fredrick began applauding me. "Congratulations Daniel. Your sword's name is 'Fleeting Light.' Take care of that sword, as it is the symbol of your power. If the sword breaks, your promise is also broken, and you will no longer be a Judicair."

I nodded solemnly, "I understand."

Father looked at me closely. "Yes ... yes I believe you do understand. And with that, I can tell you of tonight's mission."

I gazed at my sword, and the letters inscribed on it. "I am to slay a demon this night, aren't I Father."

"Yes Daniel."

"What do I need to know?"

He sighed. "Look for a dark haired man of unearthly beauty and fiery red eyes. This is the demon, and this is the foe we must face, lest he slaughter the entire Regiment."

I bowed, "It will be done Father."

He raised a hand. "Do not be so rash or proud Daniel. You need more than that. This is the advice I give you. His name is Prince Devnikolus, the Demonic Lord of Destruction. He is one of the Ten Immortal Princes of Hell."

Father Fredrick handed me a small gold cross with a rune scratched on it.

"Throw this at his feet and challenge him to a battle. Say these words exactly, 'I challenge you Devnikolus, upon my immortal soul I wager a duel for immortality.' Wait until he accepts, else he may either run or enlist help. When he accepts he will be trapped to a duel of single combat. When this happens throw the cross at his feet. With luck the magic of the cross will hold his demonic powers at bay long enough for you to deal a mortal blow."

I nodded silently, and pocketed the cross.

Father quickly ran his eyes over me. "That my son is all I can do for you."

He clapped me on the shoulder.

"Thank you Father," I said.

He gave a slight bow. "Go in peace, to love and serve the Lord."

"Thanks be to God..."

(Paris 1623 Flower and Oak Inn)

I could feel myself waking steadily this time. One of those times when your consciousness simply crawls from out of sleep.

The room was warm.

A small coal fire burned in the fire place. I was sitting in a small wooden rocking chair in the common area of the Flower and Oak Inn. It was just outside Paris.

I rocked back and forth.

Back and forth.

I'd had that dream again ... meaning I was getting closer...

And that was all that mattered.


Pleasurable Torture

(France 1623, Chateau)


She was here.

I could sense her.

At the top of the spiral stairs, standing in what must be total darkness, was Maria. It felt strange to have her in this room. It somehow felt very personal, as if I were sharing an embarrassing secret.

My chambers were furnished exactly like the cave was. But here, in this house, the furniture was original, and not the product of unholy trickery. The only light of the room was from the marble fireplace.

It was identical to the fireplace we spent a week gazing into in the cavern. I lay on the same red silk bed that she had wished ... no, begged, for my physical love. An identical table to the one she gorged herself on sat in the corner, set with the same delicate silverware.

It was like we never left.

But we had.

She was now in my most private of sanctums. I had trusted a member of the Light with the one place on this Earth I felt safe. But she was MINE.

Mine to ********.

Mine to control.

Mine to ... love?


A demon has no soul in the eyes of the Lord. One with no soul cannot love. Of that I am sure. There is no hope for one such as me.

She still stood there. Unsure ... and just a little bit scared.

I smiled, and called to her.


The stairway was cramped.

Dark stone pressed in from all sides. The only light was a dim flickering glow that came from down the stairs.

This room felt ... nice.

It was as if I had come home. I had never felt as safe anywhere. Not at the sleazy brothel, not in the 'Wooden Ladle' where I cleaned dishes, nor at the orphanage where the Spanish nun Sister Maria took care of me ... and named me.

I doubt I felt as safe in my mother's womb.

I was suddenly fearful... 'What is wrong with me...? This is a demon's chambers, an agent of Satan! And I felt no fear ... just an overpowering feel of ... coming home.'

The candles all along the stairway suddenly burst into life. His power over fire unnerved me.

HIS voice rang out from deeper in the depths of the chambers. It echoed off the low stone walls.

"Maria! ... Come!

His command resonated with my very being.

My body interpreted in two ways.

My legs indeed started moving down the stairs at a hurried pace, eager to reach him.

But that's not all.

I also had an explosive orgasm.

Tremors racked my body as I descended the steps. I bit my lip as to prevent from screaming. My knees would have given out if they weren't under orders to bring me to him.

I continued down the endless staircase. I could feel my own juices running down my legs. My eyes were lidded, and I could feel my chest heaving.

Have I said before that his effect on me is not healthy?

I came around the last bend in the spiral stair case, and descended the last stair.

The warmth of a fire hit my face, sending tingles down my already alert body. Lying with his head propped up by red satin pillows, was Devnik. He wore a black shirt that was unbuttoned, lending me a good look at his alabaster chest.

It was only till I had made a complete inventory of Devnik, that I noticed the rest of the room.

It was the same as the cave. All the furniture was the same, and in similar places.

It was like we never left.

I saw a slow grin creep its way over his all too perfect face.

"Are you just going to stand there or are you going to be a good girl and give your Awakener a kiss? He said amusedly.

I hesitantly tested myself, to see if I was compelled to kiss him, or if I could choose. To my surprise and delight, I was under my own will.

I walked up to him, pretending to pucker my lips. I then drew back my hand and slapped him as hard as I could. His head snapped around, and fell back onto the bed.

My hands were shaking with embarrassment, and seeing him look so smug and possessive had driven me over the edge.

Suddenly in blurring motions I was somehow under him, with my arms once again pinned above my head. His blazing red eyes stared into me.

"What was that for you ungrateful wench?" He said, with anger evident in his voice.

I hissed at him, which I admit was rather childish.

"You!" I shouted. "You and your damned control over me, makes me so furious."

He looked puzzled. "I haven't done anything to you."

I laughed in his face. "Oh yeah," I said. "Smell me."

He leaned his pale face down to my stomach, and drew a deep breath.

"You smell like sex." He said simply.

I struggled and kicked from under him in rage. "OH REALLY? DO I?" I screamed. "That's because I came on myself like a little b***h when you yelled at me up the stairs."

Understanding dawned on his stupid stupid perfect demonic eyes. "You mean, when I...?" He trailed off.

"YES," I shrieked.

Spittle flew up and hit him in the cheek.

"You stupid b*****d, my life is ruined thanks to you, and all I can think about is YOU! I feel uncomfortable when I'm not near you. Which is pathetic. Ever since you awakened me I've been nothing but a pining b***h in heat for you, and apparently since everyone is telling me I'm immortal, I'm going to be your pining b***h FOREVER."

I took a deep breath after my rant. I then tried to surprise him. I yanked my head up and tried to bite his face.

He was ready for me.

"STOP." He yelled.

I could feel myself losing control over my body. My muscles would not obey my commands, my bones felt frozen.

"Lie down on the bed," he said, his voice taking on a scary calm.

I felt my head lean back and rest itself on the pillows. He got off me, and now stood at the foot of the bed, watching me lie prone in front of him.

"I'm going to punish you," he said, once again calmly.

I viciously tried to force my body to attack him. But it simply lay listlessly on the bed, waiting for the next command.

"c**," he said.

An overpowering ripple washed over my body.

I could feel my sex throbbing uncontrollably under my dress. Moisture poured out onto the back of my dress. I could feel my cheeks flush, whether it was from passion or embarrassment I couldn't decide.

"c**," he said.

This time it was even stronger. Ecstasy was all I could feel. My nipples stood at attention, begging to be touched. My sex felt hot and empty, as it contracted around air. It begged for a hard c**k. I still couldn't move.

"c**, ' he said.

I couldn't take it. It was torture with pleasure.

Darkness encroached on my vision. I was going to pass out. I was past embarrassment now. All I wanted was a c**k. My sex was in overdrive, and all my feminine urges had come to the surface.

I wanted to feel him ruthlessly pounding me. I wanted to feel his seed seeping into me. I wanted my belly to be full with his child. I wanted him, but he seemed content to only play with me.

My last thought before the pleasure took me, was that even though I thought of him as a lover, he seemed to treat me as a toy.


I think she passed out. Her breasts were heaving underneath her dress, and her cheeks were flushed. Her eyelids fluttered, and her mouth was slack, with some drool oozing out from a corner of her heart shaped lips.

A large wet spot was visible on her dress. Whether she liked it or not, her body certainly enjoyed my commands.

My c**k was rock hard, but I did not feel like satisfying myself with an unconscious girl. Instead I decided to have some more fun. I had felt sorry for her long enough. I would no longer watch my commands around her. She will simply have to learn to do what I say.

I brushed some blonde locks from her eyes, and tucked them behind an ear. I then leaned down next to that ear, and began whispering more commands.

"Maria." I said. "When you are in this room your clothes will feel unbearably itchy, and no amount of scratching will dull the itch. The only way to gain relief, will be to remove your clothes."

I paused and thought of my next command.

"When you are in my presence your sex will always be wet and aroused."

This was fun.

"Your orgasms, no matter how great, will never be satisfying unless you receive them directly from my c**k."

I thought again, and realized one important one.

"Every time you attempt to hit me, you will have an explosive yet extremely unsatisfying orgasm."

I could get used to this.

For the rest of the night I paced my chambers. I gazed into the fire some, and I gazed at my unconscious blonde beauty.

Whenever a new command came to my head I would whisper it into her head. I was careful to only command physical things to her.

Her personality was perfect, and I didn't want to change a thing.

I plopped down into a black arm chair, and smiled to myself.

Maria was right, with me in control her life would never be the same.

She was in for a few surprises tomorrow.

My nighttime orders would see to that.




I felt hollowed out. As if someone had reached into me and pulled out all my insides. My muscles were too sore to even think about, let alone move.

I could feel the soft silk sheets under me, and the satin pillow that I rested my head on.

I cracked my eyes open.

The fire had gone out, but the room wasn't cold.

Devnik wasn't here.

That made me sad.

I shook my head violently, trying to clear the unwanted demon from my mind. The shaking reminded me of how sore I was.

I stretched slowly, and listened to my bones crack. I felt better, the ache was still there, but it was manageable.

There was a popping noise, and the space at the foot of the bed became distorted, as if I were looking into a stream.

The distortion settled into Jon the Butler. He was holding a tray.

"Ah," I screamed before I could think. I quickly gathered up all the covers around me. I swear I had passed out dressed, but it seemed Devnik enjoyed playing dress up doll, and had removed my clothes.

He smiled, "I thought you might be interested in a spot of breakfast."

At that time, my stomach growled. I could feel myself turning red. It seemed I needed to eat more than once a week after all. I was famished.

Jon's smile turned into a grin. "I thought so."

He set the tray down in front of me. "You'll have to excuse me if my cooking is not as good as whatever Devnik has been feeding you. But I, unlike him, cannot simply wish food into existence."

I wasn't listening to him. The tray was piled high with croissants and jams of all colors. Also set out on the tray was a small pot of tea.

I picked up a croissant and a knife and lightly spread the red jam across it.

I took a bite.

Some of the flakes fell off and landed on my chin.

It was the best thing I'd ever tasted.

I quickly picked up another pastry and this time simply dipped it in the jam rather than wasting time with the knife. I quickly devoured the entire plate, and I was still hungry.

Jon was gazing at me astonished.

"Hungry were we?" He asked amusedly.

I simply nodded. "Did you make those?" I asked.

He smiled, "I made everything from the jam to the pastries."

"Those were the greatest things I've ever eaten." I said with all seriousness.

"When you have lived as long as I have, you learn how to cook."

I looked down at the empty plate. "Well maybe you can teach me sometime."

Jon suddenly looked surprised. "You mean you're staying for a while?"

I looked up at his scared face. "Why is that shocking?" I asked, feeling a little uneasy.

Jon looked up at the ceiling. "Oh, well, Devnik has never brought anyone here before. But, um, in the stories that he tells me, he usually uses his mistress of the time ... then kills her.

He ended awkwardly

I could feel my limbs go cold. Devnik killed other girls like me. Would he kill me to? More importantly would I let him?

Or would I run away and suffer the torment that would be leaving his presence.

I didn't know what to do. So I ignored it, and made small talk.

"What time is it Jon."

Jon was watching my face closely, as if looking for panic.

"Just after sun set," he replied. A smile once again broke through his somber facade. "I see you have adapted to Devnik's sleeping schedule."

I nodded again, wonder why Devnik was nocturnal to begin with. I looked down at the bed and furrowed my brow. Maybe it was time for a confrontation. Ever since we met I had simply gone along for the ride. But now I needed to know where I stood. Did I continue on with him? He was a demon after all and I still felt uncomfortable with that. Jon said he had killed the women he had slept with in the past. So does that mean I should return to Paris? I would have to beg for my job back after missing a week. And I really, really, hated being a prostitute.

Jon cleared his throat.

I looked up to meet his eyes.

"You know, Devnik is expecting you in the study after you finish your breakfast," he said.

My heart fluttered.

I probably looked a mess, but I suddenly had an unbidden urge to see him again. I couldn't explain it. But the feeling of separation had already set in, and my body felt as if something was missing. It was a feeling that made me quite nauseous.

I stood, and wrapped the silk sheets around my body. Using them as a garment, I made my way to the spiral staircase.

Jon called from behind me. "Um, madam, I do have a dress for you."

I looked over my shoulder. "No time, I've got to see him now. The sheets will do." I continued up the stairs.

My legs remembered the way to the study even if my mind did not. I would have bet my legs knew the way to Devnik even if he was on the other side of the sea.

I burst through the oak double doors, clutching the sheets to my chest and searched for Devnik.

He was directly ahead.

He was seated behind a large desk, his feet up on the table, reading leather bound book.

He didn't look up. He didn't even acknowledge me at all.

I continued to look at him, willing him to notice me.

He continued to read. Strangely enough, I began to feel myself get wet.

Very wet.

I tried to secretly rub my legs together and relieve some of the itch that my aching c**t seemed to be generating.

This was absurd. I was leaking like an old kettle from simply looking at him. I refused to believe that anyone could be so desirable.

He turned a page.

Still he did not look at me.

Under the sheets my sex was throbbing uncomfortably, it was eager for him. If he threw his book aside and mounted me right now, I would be the happiest half woman on the Earth.

He turned another page.

I could feel my legs getting weak. Still I craved sex. Still all I had done was gaze upon his perfect face.

Was this my fate, to be an oversexed doll in his presence, and a pining wretch when separated from him?

Unintended mewling sounds escaped my lips.

He looked up, and his red eyes met mine.

My legs gave out, and I felt myself tumble to the floor. My fall was absorbed by the sheets around me, and I was now crumpled into a silk ball.

I began rubbing my sex with wild abandon under the sheets, trying eagerly to alleviate the arousal that was possessing my body.

I could hear his boots against the wooden floor as he neared my crouched form.

I increased the pace of my rubbing. Wet sounds of sex were audible from under the sheets.

I felt a tug on my hair. I was being lifted. My feet were forced to support my weight, else my own hair would scalp me.

I felt his lips right next to my ears, and could feel his cold breath on my face.

"Good evening Maria," he said calmly.

His voice is lovely, I thought. As my mind exploded into pleasure.

I could hear him chuckling above me.

But at the moment it sounded very far away.


The Guilty Demon


I felt a strange ball at the back of my throat.

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I swallowed ... Still no good. No matter how many times I tried to dismiss it, but it would not fade away. It made me ... uncomfortable, like a forgotten memory combined with a hint of nausea.

... It is hard to describe.

I looked down at the beautiful Aethling whom I was grasping by the hair. Tears fell freely from her glistening silver eyes. Her pale legs quivered with the effort of standing and suffering an unwanted orgasm.

She looked to be about at her breaking point.

The ball was still at the back of my throat.

Is this ... guilt?

I don't know.

She looked so beautiful. She looked so fragile. She looked so hurt ... and I was the one hurting her.

I dropped her hair as if it burned me.

She thumped gracelessly to the hard wood floor. She squirmed and moaned.

What have I done?

I quickly tear my gaze from the blonde vision tangled in bed sheets on the floor.

I walk back to my desk in a daze, and sit down heavily. My hands cradle my head.

I don't know what is wrong with me. That damn ball still sits in the back of my throat ... and I still couldn't bring myself to look at Maria.

I did this every time I had a mistress. Slowly I'd enslave her using either my magic or my blood ... and then I treat her as chattel ... until she bored me.

Then I savored killing her. After which I moved on to my next tryst.

This time felt different though.

All I knew was the guilt. And it consumed me.


Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours ... and the moon crept through the skies. Miserably I stared at my desk with my head in my hands.

I didn't know what time it was.

I didn't care.

I felt soft arms wrap around me. I felt hair tickle the back of my neck, and warm breath on my cheek.

"Devnik ... Devnik ... I'm fine ... please look at me ... please just look at me."

I slowly raised my head. Maria was standing behind me, she quickly maneuvered herself into my lap. Her shining silver eyes sought mine.

I couldn't look away.

She was so soft in my lap.

She spoke.

"Devnik ... is that how you treated the other girls?" Her words were soft, as if she were inquiring about the stars or the weather. There was no accusation, in those honeyed words.

I was startled that she knew of my other mistresses. But surprise lead back into the feelings of guilt, and I was miserable again.

"Yes." I said quietly.

She nodded, as if understanding that I dominated and murdered countless young girls before her.

She pressed her head into my shoulder. Her blonde tresses fell in waves on my arm. They were as soft as a silk weave.

"Why couldn't you treat me that way Devnik? I wouldn't resist if you did."

I wrapped my arms tightly around her.

"I can't Maria. Something about you prevents me from using you like that."

She quietly reached up and pecked me on the cheek with her soft lips.

"I'm glad." She said in her same soft cadence. She once again burrowed her head into my chest. I stroked her back gently with the tips of my fingers.

I gazed down at the top of her little blonde head. I swallowed. The ball was still in the back of my throat.

"How can you be so calm about all this?" I asked dejectedly. "You just saw firsthand what a monster I can be. Do you know what I was thinking about when I was holding you by your hair?" I paused.

I felt a soft shake from her head.

"I was wondering if I could ******** you so hard that you would bleed. Then if you did bleed I would have thrown you across the room for bleeding on my study floor ... it is an old routine I have done for decades."

There was silence...

Then she spoke... "What would you have done next."

I paused... "I would have listened to you beg for mercy, and then if I still wanted to keep you I would continue ******** you ... if I didn't ... I would have killed you."

She shivered.

"How many girls have acted out that little dance with you Devnik?" She asked morosely.


She broke down into tears again.

"I don't believe you ... your nice ... you were nice to me before today ... why did you think to do that to me?"

I sighed. "It's what I am." I replied coldly. "Demon's have no conscious ... watching entire families burn means nothing to me."

As I said that, the little ball of guilt seemed to grow larger.

"It just seemed like the right thing to do ... you were getting too close ... other girls have been in love with me before ... but I never felt anything for them.

I felt her stiffen in my lap. "You think I love you?" She asked.

"I know you do." I replied softly.

She nodded as if accepting it as fact.

"But you don't love me." She said timidly.

I paused, and carefully thought of my answer. I took a deep breath.

"A week ago I would have said a demon couldn't love ... I'm not sure I love you ... but I at least ... feel something for you."

Her body relaxed into mine.

"That will do for now." She said contentedly.

She started to hum quietly in my lap. I continued to stroke her head.

We sat like that for a time.


Maria eventually fell asleep in my arms, and began to snore prettily into my shoulder.

I let her sleep her traumatic experience away.

I quietly disengaged one of my arms from her, and raised it.

I snapped softly.

Instantaneously Jon appeared before me.

"Yes sir," he said in a whisper.

I studied my butler.

"Jon, I want you to spend the daylight hours tomorrow finding out everything you know about Angelic Awakening. I want to know its bylaws and its customs, I want to know its strengths and its weaknesses, and I want it by the time I awake tomorrow night."

Jon bowed low.

"At once milord."

Jon turned tail and exited through the double library doors.

I turned my attention back to the little ball of girl sitting in my lap. Her lips were pouted and half open, and her hair was a strewn mess.

I protectively wrapped my arms around her. I promised to myself I would take care of her.

I finally swallowed the ball of guilt.


Sin or Suicide

-Daniel Fleeting-

(1097 AD. Somewhere outside Jerusalem)

The battlefield was decided. It was a great dusty plain, with mountains to the far west, and Jerusalem straight ahead barley visible in the distance.

I could see the banners of the Seljuk Turks standing their ground a mile ahead of our regiment.

I grasped my holy weapon tighter. I paid no mind to the mortal foes that made up the enemy rank. I kept my eyes moving constantly, searching for the demon.

Father Fredrick said I'd know him when I saw him.

Hours rolled by. Our two opposing armies simply stared at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move.

Then I saw him. A tall man in black armor strode out in front of the Seljuk lines. A red mist clung to his body, and I felt an overwhelming sense of evil from him.

He began to pace in front of the enemy. He was talking to them, encouraging them to slay God's soldiers. They began to stomp their feet.

A steady beat began to fill the air. It was a beat of death, and the demon was conducting.

Then the demon casually pointed towards us.

The Seljuk's roared and ran at us. They ran past Satan's creature as if he were a rock fixed in a stream. They came on horses and they came on foot.

They came bearing sword and axe, bow and spear. I heard Crusader Commander Williams raise his voice.

"Men at the ready," he yelled.

And then they hit us.

The first one to fall was one of ours. He took an arrow to the throat. He was a youth with blonde hair and round eyes.

The second was an older Norse man. Someone I suspect simply marched across the world to die on a battlefield. An axe was planted in his head, cutting it in half.

The deaths mounted exponentially, seas of blood stained the dirt field.

Over the din of the shrieks and cries of pain, I heard laughter. I tore my eyes from the heathens slaughtering God's warriors.

My gaze once again found the demon.

He was laughing.

It was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard. It was like a lilting flute intermingled with bird song and a babbling brook.

It was terrifying.

My sword started to glow.

A golden aura seemed to emit from it. My terror seemed to subside, and a feeling of warmth washed over me. I felt my feet take a step forward towards the demon.

Suddenly the demon stopped laughing.

His blazing red eyes and beautiful pale face locked onto mine. My blood stopped in my veins.

A thins sneer emerged on his fine lips.

My sword grew brighter, and I kept walking toward him. No enemies stepped within my path. I proceeded unchallenged, and my steps grew larger. The demons sneer turned into an ugly grimace.

His lips didn't move, but I could hear his voice, it

was cold.

"Little human, you know more than the rest of the puppets, yet that sword you hold is not a toy. Turn around, for you know not what you deal ... you should just..."

His voice all of a sudden sounded muffled. Instead a warm buzz seemed to fill my ears. I felt concentrated, and focused. His presence was cleared from my mind.

All of a sudden he broke out into a huge grin. The smile twisted his face even more, making him seem like a snarling animal.

I stood not ten feet from the monster. Well within hearing range. The demon began walking towards me.

"You're a Judicair," he said calmly.

The warmth was still present in my mind. I simply nodded serenely. A voice spoke through my mouth. It sounded like my voice, yet the words were not mine.

"Yes Prince Devnikolus, Lord of Destruction, I am a Judicair, and I have come to return you to hell so you may meddle in this war no more."

Devnikolus cocked his head to the side.

"You're new." He said. "Your Celestial personality has not integrated with your human one," he paused, "If I remember correctly, that means you were made this year, perhaps even this month."

I felt the voice talking again. "It is true that we are not yet one, and that we are new, but Raphael himself wishes you banished back to hell. Much holy power has been invested in us for this task."

I didn't remember being told all this. But the voice seemed confident. I contented myself to simply watch.

All of a sudden the voice was speaking to me, silently in my head.

~Daniel, you must fight, I am too weak and too new to fight this demon. But we have been given power, great power to vanquish our foe~ The voice said.

I gripped the blade tighter. I knew my task.

Devnikolus shrugged, "It would seem you are not to be dissuaded, very well." The demon waved his hand, and a red spark appeared.

The spark grew and glittered, and formed shape. The demon now held a sword with a black blade and a silver hilt, with a blood red ruby in it's pommel.

I remembered what Father had told me.

I threw the cross down on the ground. A green spark flashed. The demon screamed. I looked up at him. He was gazing at the cross. His eyes seemed less red, as if they had been drained.

The voice spoke through me again. "Prince Devnikolus, I challenge you to a battle of immortality."

The demon tore his eyes from the cross, his face still twisted in obvious discomfort.

"Clever," he whispered. "I am obligated to accept your challenge." He maneuvered his sword so that the point touched the ground. "To begin our battle touch the tip of your blade to the earth." He said.

I complied, and slowly reversed my glowing blade till it pointed downwards. I slowly sunk it into the earth.

I didn't even see him move.

He was a blur of motion. His blade suddenly cleared the space where my head was ... or would have been had my legs not decided to move themselves.

~Your mortal speed is not fast enough to fight Devnikolus. You must use my power. I cannot help you like that again. Our connection is still too new, I exhausted myself saving us. The voice said.

'How do I tap this power?'

~Just think it~

I thought it.

Suddenly, I could see better. It was if dirty had been wiped from my eyes that had been there my entire life. I felt full of energy.

The demon snarled.

"I guess I'll have to give this a decent go." He said half amusedly half angrily."

I turned my new and improved eyes at him. It was if he was moving slower. Not slow ... but like an agile human, rather than a blur of unholy speed.

I easily brought my sword up to counter him. My parry caught him by surprise. The look in his eyes was incredulous.

I slid my sword down his blade and tried a basic riposte. The demon blocked easily, though he looked surprised to be on the defensive.

~It's no good. You might not realize it, but we were moving at the same speed as him. Raphael must have grossly underestimated this demon. I know you didn't know, but when you attacked at that speed you wasted almost half of our given energy.

I gulped.

'What happens when we run out of power?'

~We slow down, and he goes back to being a blur ... and I won't be able to dodge us a second time.

While our mental conflict was going on the demon was viciously attacking us, furious that we could keep up with his blindingly fast attacks.

I was purely using defensive maneuvers, and trying to move as little as possible.

~We have a little less than a third of our powers left.

'So you mean we've failed? The army will be slaughtered by this monster!'

~Maybe we are not meant to survive this encounter.~

'What do you mean? If we die then there is nothing stopping him.'

~We could take him with us. Swordsmanship is useless if your opponent is willing to die to kill.~

A small part of me felt a twinge of fear. I have always feared death. My priest at home told me this was why I devoted my life to God, to escape death. I disagreed wholly, but ... still.

~Do not fear Daniel, I will take control, I have enough strength for this.~

I wanted to protest, but I felt my limbs go numb, and no matter how much I was screaming at the voice in my head, I could feel him taking over.

My body all of a sudden dropped it's guard.

The demon pounced, and sunk his sword into my shoulder. It was a mortal wound. But this was the voice's plan. For as soon as his sword pierced my shoulder, the voice drove our sword into his heart.

The demons sword disappeared in a wisp of smoke, and my sword stopped glowing. The voice let go of the pommel, and it stayed stuck in the demons chest.

The demon, however, did not shriek or cry, he simply stood there.

"I am bested it would appear," he said in a calm melodious voice. "Your wound is killing you, but mine is fatal."

I felt myself gain control of my limbs again, and with it came the pain. My shoulder felt as if it were on fire. I fell to my knees in front of the demon.

The demon continued. "In a moment I will burst into flames and burn away. In the ashes will be a small black stone with a glowing red pentagram etched into it. To claim your immortality simply hold the stone to your heart and say 'I accept'.

The demon took a deep breath, and grimaced slightly. "This really hurts you know," he said, indicating the sword.

Suddenly flames seemed to spring from nowhere, and engulf the demon. They spread quickly, but the demon made no sound. As quickly as they had come, they disappeared, along with the demon.

~We did well. Leave the stone be. We will succumb to the wound in a moment, and then we shall pass into nothingness, until the War on the demons is won, and the Lord comes and judges the living and the dead.~

I wasn't listening. I was slowly crawling my way to the ashes, my eyes fixed on the luminous red glow.

~What are you doing ... STOP ... STOP ... you don't know what you're DOING.~

I slowly clasped my hand around the stone. It was warm to the touch. It seemed to thrum with a life of its own.

Like a little miniature heart beat.

~STOP, no, you'll condemn us both. Accepting demonic deals is a SIN!~

With trembling hands I tore away my worn leather jerkin, and placed the rock next to bear skin, right over my heart.

~No, no, NO, I don't have the energy to take over again. STOP, for the LOVE of GOD STOP!~

The rock felt right against my chest, as if it were staving off the cold of death that seemed to be seeping from my wound.

In the background the voice was weeping hysterically.

"I Accept."


My Dark God

(France 1623, Chateau)


Visions of sunshine and lilies danced before my eyes.

A beautiful green field with a sparkling stream babbling cheerfully in the background. The sun was a warming beacon in the sky, allaying my worries, whispering softly that everything was all right.

Then why did I feel so uncomfortable?

Suddenly the field turned cold, and the warm sun turned to an icy moon. A chilled fog rolled into the meadow, and the stream no longer sounded inviting, but rather a dread promise of bone chilling waters.

I was no longer alone in my field.

To my right stood an Angel with flaming red hair.

It was Cariel.

She was dressed in a blinding white. It was a white so pure and bright that it hurt my eyes to look at it. It seemed to glow even in this darkest of nights. In her hand she grasped a silver sword. It had golden runes etched on it that seemed to move and glide along the flawless blade. She was a picture of perfect beauty, and deadly grace.

Yet she did not look at me.

Her gaze was fixed just past me. Her eyes were locked on the other side of the field ... because that was where Devnik stood.

Devnik stood calmly amongst the grass and flowers of the field. He was wearing a dark black cloak, which was clasped with a dark ruby at his neck. His dark black hair framed his pale face, and accentuated his raw prowess. He loosely held a blade as dark as night in his left hand. His red eyes were glowing, and his face was turned down in a sneer. He had never looked more the warrior. He had never looked more the demon ... and it was intoxicating.

I had never felt more owned by him ... I wished to simply drop to my knees and serve this ... creature ... this ... dark god.

He could tell me to slaughter and kill innocents and I would do it. I would do it happily ... simply because he asked ... because I wanted to please him ... because I needed him to be pleased with me.

Suddenly Cariel's voice pierced the frigid night. It was the dream like candor that I remembered, except this time it was laced with power.

"We know who you are, Prince of Destruction ... I have been sent to correct this unholy blemish upon the order of things ... I will send you to hell, and Gabriel, Michael and Raphael will assemble, and wrest the control of the Aethling from your demonic control."

Devnik's sneer turned into a full blown snarl, his red eyes flashed, sending a lurid glow across the field.

"She is MINE." His voice sounded inhuman. Like a mix between a wild animal and a vengeful spirit, bent on enforcing its will.

Yes, I thought ... I am his ... I belong to him ... to my dark god. This time I really did fall to my knees. My eyes fixated upon Devnik ... upon my master.

Cariel's silver eyes glittered dangerously.

"You will fall to my might demon," she shrieked.

Cariel suddenly became a blur of silver, as she streaked towards my dark god.

My master raised his sword, and grinned the grin of a mad man.

Just before their swords clashed his eyes met mine.

I woke in a cold sweat.

I was in a bed, with soft silk sheets.

Devnik was behind me, his strong body pressed against me from behind. I felt his c**k. It hard even though he was asleep. It was wedged between my bottom. His arm lay draped across my body, and his hand was possessively holding my breast.

I let out a small sigh, and tried to sink into his comforting embrace. The room was dark and cool, but not cold, and it was warm in the bed.

It was safe in the bed.