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Maria looked down at her clothing in alarm. The white shift began to change ... the glowing red cloth twined around her form like a serpent.

When the change was finished, she looked like a different person.

The dirty girl that looked like a street urchin in a white pillowcase was gone. In her place I had wrought a princess. The shift had changed into a frilly ice blue satin dress, with frills and a built in corset.

In my moment of generosity I had also fixed her hair. The matted tangles that her golden blond tresses had formed were reborn. Her hair now fell in golden curls all the way down to the small of her back. I had removed all fleas from her hair too, as they seemed all to common in Parisians. I had also made her hair a bit longer, but I didn't feel like it would be a bad thing.

She was looking at me shocked ... then she looked down at herself ... she touched her dress, her hands dancing over the smooth silk. Then she reached up to her head, and felt her golden curls.

She started to cry.

She curled up into a tighter ball on the chair, and hugged her knees.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" She asked, her voice sounded pathetic, and confused.

I smiled. "I take it you like the dress," I said.

She nodded, tears still falling from her face. "Yes, I love it..." she stuttered, "thank you..."

I gave a courteous nod from my chair. "My pleasure my lady," I replied.

She continued to cry.

Eventually I got tired of her weeping angelic face, and turned to the dim coals. With a click of my fingers the hearth's fire sprang back to its former glory.

I sat back in my chair, and dozed.

Maria's eyes never left me.


It was official. I was horny.

I might be crying like a b***h, but God help me I was aroused.

And he wasn't doing anything to help me. In fact, nothing he did seem to make any difference to how much NEED I was in. Need for him.

He dangled me like a piece of meat by my neck, and all it did was make me pant in arousal.

But what really turned me on was his display of kindness. He did something completely kind and considerate. Using his somewhat scary powers he had changed my tattered underclothes into a dress fit for an aristocrat. It was real satin too. Not like the fake dresses at The Rosy Garter that were simply designed to be easy to remove.

This dress was the genuine article, but unless I kept my legs crossed, it was going to get wet.

I rubbed my legs together a little bit. Applying friction to my sopping v****a.

It felt good, and a small moan escaped from my lips.

His eyes glanced over to me. "Are you all right little half breed?" He asked, his tone was soft, despite his words.

I simply nodded, very much aware that my crotch had produced more moisture at the sound of his voice.

This continued for what seemed like hours. I would try to covertly rub my legs against my pulsing sex, and try not to draw attention from the demon.

Eventually I had a small shuddering orgasm that did nothing to satisfy me. My new found lusty abandon scared me. But my hungry p***y overturned my fears.

My body seemed determined to have him, even if my mind still resented him for what he'd done to me.

I made a resolution to seduce him, after all I was a prostitute, seduction used to be my job.


Unusual Thirsts

I was getting impatient.

I was only pretending to read the book in my hands. My eyes had been glancing over the same page for nearly an hour now.

It had been two days since I sent Turkik out to identify my angelic caller, and so far he had not returned.

The two days of his absence had sent into an uneasy pattern. Every evening I would arise at about nine, to which I would be greeted by a shy 'hello, ' from Maria.

I didn't know if she simply slept the daylight away like I did, or if she just awoke whenever I got up.

It seemed that all she did was follow me about my cave. If I sat in my chair by the fireplace, then I could expect her to curl up in the chair next to mine for a cat nap.

It was becoming unnerving. She even slept in that chair, as I had yet to offer to use my powers to create her a bed.

I didn't want to waste the energy if Turkik came back with news that would mean her death.

Currently we were in the same position we had occupied for most of the two days. I was reading by the fire, and she was snuggled into the other armchair.

Her stomach growled.

She opened her eyes in surprise. Several emotions played over her face. Confusion, surprise, realization, was just a few that I could name.

"I'm ... hungry," she said, in a voice of utter shock.

I looked over the top of my book.

"What would you like to eat little half breed?" I said.

She shook her head.

"No, it's just, I haven't eaten for a week ... and I, well ... should have starved by now," she trailed off, sounding suddenly unsure of herself.

I shook my head and chuckled.

"Well, child, you are half angel, and to the extent of my knowledge angels don't eat anything."

She nodded dumbly.

I continued, "But you are still half human, you are going to need to feed that half of yours every once in a while."

She looked up at me, with the same weird expression that she'd worn recently.

"So I only need to eat once a week?"

"Looks that way," I replied, turning my attention back to my forgotten book.

I read for close to an hour, till my attention was once again taken. Maria had began to fidget. I could tell she was working up the courage to say something. I still don't know why she stays with me even though she is obviously terrified of me. I didn't send her away because I would enjoy killing her if Turkik would come back.

She seemed to have found her courage. "Umm, Mr. Demon, you said something about food?"


Now that I was hungry it was the only thing I could think about.

Well, I was really thinking about two things, but I had been thinking about that nonstop for the past two days, so it didn't count.

The demon closed his book with a snap.

"Why, yes Maria I do believe I did say something about a little supper," he said. He stood with a flourish. "Now, what do you like to eat," he asked softly.

I could feel my face getting hot. It was the most words he had said to me in two days.

"Oh, nothing much really, if you have some bread that would be nice," I said, craning my neck around looking for a cupboard that could hold food. I had never seen the demon eat.

The demon cocked his head, looking confused. "No, no, that won't do at all," he said.

He waved his hand, and several little red sparks emerged, and darted around the cave.

There was a red flash, and i was blinded I was blinking the light from my eyes when I felt him take my hand.

He led me in the direction of his table.

He pulled my chair out for me, and gently lowered me into it. The flash slowly began to leave my eyes, and I had a sneaking suspicion that he meant for me to be blind.

As I regained my sight, I saw him on the other side of the table.

He grinned.

"Well, eat up," he said, gesturing to the table.

What I saw took my breath away. Laid out on the table was a feast for an army. A roast pig with an apple in it's mouth sat as the centerpiece. All around it were plates of grapes and apples. Potatoes and loaves of bread were scattered everywhere.

I tentatively picked up a loaf of bread and nibbled on it.

It was the best thing I ever tasted ... for the next hour I gorged myself on delicacies I could have only dreamed of.

He calmly watched me binge from across the table.

When I finished, I leaned back in my chair, feeling just a little bit sick.

"Well, you certainly proved to be an excellent dining companion; I have been blow away by your skills of conversation," he said.

I blushed for the second time of the evening.

I started a bumbling apology.

He waved his hand at me to settle me. "Not to worry little half breed, it was very interesting to watch you eat, almost like a wolf tearing the carcass of a deer."

He wasn't doing anything to make me feel better.

He apparently didn't care. "Are you finished?" He asked.

I just nodded.

With another wave of his hand the food disappeared. He leaned forward, his elbows resting on the table.

"So, in all honesty, how was my cooking?" He said


I ignored him, I had been thinking about a question for some time, and it had begun to gnaw at me.

I asked my question before my will left me.

"Do you eat?" I asked. "I noticed you didn't eat anything while I was ... um ... having dinner."

His smile turned dark. "My dear, it would be best if you didn't know my eating habits. I eat some strange things..." he said mysteriously.

For some reason, I desperately wanted to know what he ate.

"Please tell me," I said. "I'll answer any questions you want!"

At this statement he paused.

"Answer any question..." he mused. "You realize if I take you up on that promise you will have to tell me, as not telling me would constituent as lying.

I nodded.

He gazed right into my eyes with his red orbs.

"Are you staying with me to spy on me for the light?"

I answered so quickly that the compulsion ringing was hardly audible when I said,

"No, they never asked me to spy on you, and if they ask me I will not agree. The angel only asked me if I knew of any deformities on your person."

He smiled.

"Alright then," he said, lightly. "Now I believe you wanted to know something?"

I growled in frustration.

"Tell me what you eat!" I shouted.

He smiled, and held up three fingers. "I can eat three things," he said.

"One," he ticked down a finger, "I can devour the soul of a human who pledged it in mortal combat."

"Two," another finger went down, "I can eat the flesh of any sinner wallowing in Hell."

"Three," the last finger descended, "I can drink the blood of a willing host."

I was slightly uneasy about his answers, but they raised more questions than they answered. "Why would a man pledge his soul in combat? What do they have to gain?" I asked.

He laughed at this. "Eternal life," he said.

"What," I said.

"If they defeat me in combat then they receive an unending life of youth."

"Oh," I said. Wondering how many men had lost their lives trying to attain something I didn't want.

I asked another question. "Why would someone allow you to drink their blood?"

He sat back in his chair. "One wish," he said.

I was confused, "Meaning ... what?" I asked

He smiled, obviously thinking I was very slow.

"Meaning I am compelled to use my powers to grant a desire of theirs that is within my abilities, excepting that of eternal life of course."

"Oh," I said. I didn't bother asking about the people in Hell. I was focused on other things now.

I paused; my mind continually scolded my wayward body for even contemplating this.

I looked up at the demon. "I want you to drink my blood," I said. I was pleased to see him double take in shock.

"Really, do you have some wish that you want fulfilled?" He asked mockingly.

I nodded.

Suddenly he was standing right next to me, on my side of the long table. He was holding the silver knife I had used to eat. I offered it to me.

"You have to cut yourself," he said. "I can play no part in the breaking of the skin."

Without giving myself time to think about it, I cut across my wrist. I was hardly even surprised when blue blood started to seep from my wound.

The demon was eying the blood hungrily. "Now say these words," he said. "I freely give my own blood to fulfill my own desires."

I said the words.

His mouth descended upon my wrist so quickly that he was a blur of movement. I felt his lips latch on, and began to feel him draw blood from my body.

The first draw stung, almost like a bee sting.

The second draw felt like a warm fire after a cold day.

His third draw from my body bordered on ecstasy.

I began to writhe and moan under his iron grip on my arm. I could feel my nipples hardening, and my own juices had begun to leak down my leg.

And still he kept going.

I felt like I was going to go crazy.

My mind was delirious with pleasure ... all I could do was wait for him to take his next sip of my blood with baited breath.

"Take it all!" I shouted in passion, "Please ... take it all."

He took it all.



I couldn't think, I couldn't move. All I could do was drink.

It felt like liquid pleasure was slipping down my throat. My ears were pounding, I could hear her saying something, but I didn't understand any of her words.

Finally, I tried to take another sip, but no more came.

Oh no ... I had drained her dry ... I had never killed a blood donor, but I knew the penalty for betraying our contract ... I waited with my eyes shut ... one minute passed, then two.

I cracked one eye open. Nothing happened.

Maria's corpse was still in my arms. Her cut wrist dangled between us. Her eyes were closed, and she wasn't breathing.

I didn't understand. I had killed her, her lifeless body lay in my hands, and yet, I wasn't bursting into flames. I wasn't slipping back into Hell.

I was so preoccupied I didn't realize that her wrist had healed.

I quietly brushed her blond locks from her face ... I felt quite strange. It was almost like I was sorry for her death. This sentiment confused me. I had spent the last two days thinking of inventive ways to kill her.

I leaned down, and slowly kissed her forehead. I pulled my lips back, and gazed down at her porcelain face.

Her eyes snapped open. They locked onto me. I watched as her pupils dilated, leaving only a sliver of silver visible.

"******** me," she said.

Before I knew what was happening, Maria was on her feet. She grabbed me under the arms and lifted me like a child.

She threw me and I went sailing through the air. I landed on the bed with a thud.

In a blur of motion she was kneeling above me, with her legs straddling mine.

"You b*****d," she screamed. "You b*****d, you b*****d you ******** b*****d!" She was fiddling with the buttons on my leather pants.

"If you don't ******** me I am going to ******** RAPE you," she said. Her face was determined even though her eyes had tears in them.

I reached out and grabbed her by the shoulders, trying to keep her from moving. She struggled and wiggled like a hellcat. She was surprisingly strong, but then again, she did just throw me across a room.

"Maria, STOP!" I screamed.

Surprisingly, she suddenly froze in place. Tears still streamed down her face, but her eyes were looking at me hungrily.

She was panting, her whole body was shaking just inches from mine, but still she did not move.

"But I need it," she said, her voice pleading. "Please let me, please. I'll do anything..."

I looked at her puzzled. I wonder why she didn't just continue trying to undress me, was it just because I told her to?

"Why'd you stop?" I asked, curious.

Confusion played against her face, before it too was swallowed by lust. "But, you told me to stop."

I nodded.

I was having fun with this game. "But why did you? You look like you're going to lose your mind if you don't get ********. So why'd you stop?"

She whimpered. Her body was shaking more violently now. Not only from passion this time. I smelt fear rising from her pores.

"Don't make me tell you..." she whined. Her whole body was convulsing, I looked down, there was a wet spot on the bed where her crotch was hovering, the blue silk dress was torn in several places, and one of her milky breasts was hanging loose.

I gave her my best evil grin.

"Tell me Maria," I said.

She shuddered, and her body went limp. She fell on top of me, her blond hair landing on my chest.

She began talking in a dead voice, one with no emotion.

"I have to obey your commands," she said simply.

"You'll have to be more specific than that half-breed," I said.

I felt her chest heaving next to mine. "No, please, don't."

I was very firm. I grabbed her head and forced her to look at me.

"Yes, tell me everything, leave nothing out," I commanded.

Her eyes dilated again, and she shivered.

Did she just have an orgasm?

She once again began speaking in a monotone voice.

"Demon, because you are my awakener, my body is forced to follow your orders, due to ancient magic made by the angelic elite. In an effort to control Aethlings, who are not compelled to obey God," she droned.

That was something I didn't know...

She continued. "In angelic society, an Aethling is awakened on their twentieth birthday, by the one that destined to be their spouse. Hence, it was included in the spell that the Aethling in question would be physically attracted to their awakener." She stopped, and paused.

She blinked rapidly, looking confused.

"Oh, God," she said. "Did I tell you?" She sounded terrified.

I nodded, smiling.

She looked at me nervously, "So, what are you going to do to me?" She asked.

I thought for a moment.

I remembered the nights I spent dreaming of killing her. However, I also remembered my regret, when I thought I had taken her life.

I looked at her panic stricken face. "I'm supposing you couldn't leave me if you wanted to."

She nodded pathetically

"Then I suppose I'll have to take care of you," I said simply.

She looked relieved, and buried her head in my neck, crying softly. I stroked the back of her head absently, marveling at my own behavior rather than her own. I was doing a lot of unselfish things lately. I didn't know how I felt about that.

She suddenly jerked her head away from me in a blurring movement. She still didn't know how to judge her supernatural speed.

She looked me straight in the eyes, panting once again.

"You owe me a wish," she said, her voice breathy and weak.

I nodded.

She smiled, and stretched like a cat, curling her toes and fingers.

"Then I wish you would ******** me."

I felt a discharge of power, and felt the compulsion of a wish that was within my abilities to grant.

My body started moving on its own. I quickly grabbed her by her shoulders and spun her down onto the bed. I was now sitting on top of her.

She was grinding up against me. "Yes, yes, ******** me, take me," she moaned.

She needn't ask, her wish would make sure I preformed.

With my powers I mentally undid the buttons on my pants, and slipped out of them. I wasn't wearing any under clothes.

Her eyes grew wide when she saw my c**k. "Umm," she said, "how big is that?"

I shrugged; I had never bothered to measure it. I had never made love to a willing girl before. And such questions just don't come up during rape.

She suddenly seemed very nervous. "Be gentle," she quivered, "I don't think humans get that big."

"Sorry," I said, " But you didn't wish for 'gentle'."

I grabbed her dress at the bust, and savagely ripped it in half, revealing her pale sweaty body. Her chest was heaving, making her breasts sway slightly as she tried to catch her breath.

I roughly placed my hand between her legs. She was still oozing c** in large amounts. She obviously liked what I was doing.

I stuck two fingers in. I relished the hot warmth of her center. I felt her vaginal walls contracting, trying to draw my fingers in deeper.

She squealed.

"Enough, enough, just ******** me," she bellowed. "I need you inside me," she said, her voice torn between need and determination.

I lifted my body up, and positioned my c**k head in front of her outer lips. I could feel the heat emanating from her p***y.

She groaned, and roughly pushed up against me, trying to capture me inside her ... I slid in effortlessly.

She went crazy, and started bucking and squirming.

I moaned. Her sexy felt heavenly.

I drew my hips back, far enough that only the head of my c**k was still in her. Then I brutally pushed my d**k all the way inside her, making sure to hit her hard c**t with my body.

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I felt the head of my c**k ram against her cervix. My balls bounced off her a**.

She screamed. Whether it was in orgasm or pain I didn't care. I fiercely grabbed her milky white tits, and used them as leverage to piston my c**k in and out of her sopping hole.

Maria was doing everything to prolong the contact. She began to meet my thrusts with her hips. Her eyes never left my face. She was gazing at me with what I could

only call love. An emotion that I had never felt directed at me.

Her gaze drove my pleasure to unimaginable heights. I gripped her tits tighter, and began thrusting harder.

She groaned. She no longer met my thrusts; she simply lay there and took it, whimpering. She had four more orgasms under this treatment.

I felt my own climax rising. My strokes became longer, and her moaning became louder.

When I felt like I could ******** no more, I once more drove my c**k all the way into her abused sex, and came.

My c** blasted deep into her cervix. When she felt my hot seed fill her channel, she had another explosive orgasm, and shrieked a wail loud enough for the heavens to hear.

I watched her eye lids flutter. Her breathing had slowed, and her pale body stopped moving.

"So good," was all she said before she lost consciousness.

I released her breasts, taking note of the red hand marks that were imprinted on her soft mounds. I then slowly withdrew my c**k from her soaking c**t. The head popped out with an audible 'squish'. It glistened with her nectar. I could see my c** slowly begin leaking out.

Her vaginal channel was still contracting, as if trying to entice my c**k to return to its warm embrace.

I rolled off the little half breed, and lay on my back next to her sleeping abused body.

I pulled the sheets over us, and with a wave of my hand, the fire in the hearth went out.

The room plunged into darkness.

I stared at the cave ceiling, wondering what I was going to do with a sex addicted Aethling.

I wondered if she loved me.

I wondered if I could love anything.


Carry me Away


I was rudely jostled awake ... by the bed?

I scrambled about disoriented. I made to sit up. Several muscles screamed in protest ... I was so sore.

I settled for opening my eyes.

I was lying flat on a hard wooden surface, looking up at a wooden ceiling that was much closer than it should be.

This time I really did pull myself up, ignoring my groaning body parts.

I looked around. I was in a carriage. My sleeping body had been unceremoniously draped across the wooden bench meant for passengers. Occupying the bench across from me was the demon.

He was once again adored in the clothes of a nobleman. He was wearing a pitch black coat, with a gray vest, black collared shirt and a white cravat.

He looked stunning; at least, the parts of him I could see looked good. His face was hidden by a black top hat, which he had pulled down to cover his eyes. His arms were crossed and he was leaning against the carriage wall.

It occurred to me to check my own state of dress.

Apparently while I was asleep I had played quite the dress up doll.

My hair was no longer done in curls; instead it was straight, and brushed out glossy. I also realized I was sitting on some of it.

It hurt.

When my hair was in ringlets it came down to the small of my back, now straight, it seemed to reach down to my butt.

I didn't remember my hair being anywhere close to this long before my awakening. It wasn't fashionable to have long hair in Paris at the moment ... I wondered if HE had anything to do with that.

Forgetting my hair I explored the rest of my attire.

It was even better than the silk dress. This dress was blood red with black hemming and frills. It extended to just above my feet. In this dress there was also a built in corset, which served to push up my modest breasts, and make them seem bigger.

I didn't need a looking glass to know that I was beautiful in this dress. Apparently the demon didn't like under dressed companions.

The carriage jostled again, reminding me to wonder why I wasn't asleep in bed, recovering from a night of extremely pleasurable abuse.

"Mr. Demon," I said, prodding his leg with my barefoot. "Mr. Demon, wake up."

"Devnik," he replied sleepily.


"Devnik," he repeated, "my name is Devnik," he said, his voice muffled by his hat.

It took me a moment to realize that this was the first time he had told me his name. Even as a prostitute my standards were high enough to get the man's name before I slept with him.

I shook my head.

That was not your fault. You were magically forced to want to have sex with him ... and beg him for sex ... and enjoy sex with him ... and ... let him 'use' you how he saw fit ... oh dear.

I could feel myself becoming aroused again.

Devnik raised his hat revealing his crimson eyes.

"I wouldn't become too hot and heavy little half breed," he said. "It would be awfully embarrassing to walk by the servants panting and flushed would it?"

I blushed, and tried to keep a hold of my feelings ... especially the ones about what he DID to me last night...

Wait ... did he say ... servants?

I locked my gaze on him, and remembered that I was angry at him.

"Where are we going," I demanded.

He just looked at me, amused by my little snit.

I continued, eager to speak my mind.

"Why on earth did you remove me from bed, and dress me, and comb me, and place me in this carriage ... and ... and..." I trailed off, sacrificing angry words for an even angrier glare.

He just laughed.

My temper snapped, and I started shouting. "And don't you think that that appalling treatment you gave me was in anyway enjoyable. You treated me as if I were a masturbatory aid and not a person."

He reached across the carriage and put a finger on my lips. My body trembled, and I felt silent.

It wasn't healthy to let him affect me this way.

Despite my efforts my sex was creating a wet spot on my new dress.

"You wished for it," he said. "And you enjoyed it. You enjoyed it so much that you passed out ... because your body could not handle the stimulation."

I couldn't think of anything to say, so I huffed, and stared out the window at the night.

"Oh, and as to where are going, we are traveling to my house," he said calmly.

"I guess that squalid cave isn't where you live," I said snottily.

His glowing red eyes swiveled to meet mine. "I rather like that cave thank you," he said. "Now, be silent, all this talk is making me tired."

Last night when I had attempted to ... um ... rape Devnik, I had discovered something about my compulsion to him ... it had evolved.

No longer did church bells ring in my head until I obeyed, now my body simply just acted, independent of my mental struggles.

Hence, no matter how much I wanted to scream 'YOU THINK YOUR TIRED' my mouth would simply not move.

Instead I once again shot him angry looks from my side of the carriage.

He looked back at me, and then his eyes widened. "Oh dear, Maria," he said. "You can speak, do whatever you want," he said hastily.

"Thank you," I said frostily.

He sighed, "I haven't gotten used to being able to give you commands. I'll have to be careful about what I say."

I paused, that was rather thoughtful of him ... I admitted grudgingly.

We rode on in silence. He tilted his hat back down and rested. I continued to gaze out into the night. The road bumped us again. We were on a little dusty country road. There was no sign of any other people...

We must be far away from Paris. How long had I been asleep?

Not nearly long enough my body seemed to say. I stretched, and leaned my head against the carriage door.


Once again, I was shaken awake. This time, however, it was by Devnik's hands.

"Wake up little half breed," he whispered. "We're here."

I blinked sleepily. Can't a girl get some sleep I thought grumpily?

"I think you'll like it here," he said smugly.

I felt the carriage slowing down, and then pull to a stop. I heard the horses whinny outside. A stout mustached man who I assumed was the driver opened the door to the carriage. He placed some wooden steps down for us to walk on.

Devnik gracefully descended the steps, and then turned and offered a pale hand to me.

Surprised but grateful, I took his hand and let him steady me as I descended the steps. I hopped of the last one, and landed lightly on soft grass. I took a deep breath. The cool night air was refreshing.

"Welcome to my home," Devnik said, gesturing behind me.

I turned. He was pointing at a breathtaking sprawling mansion fit for a Duke.

I gasped.

I heard him laughing behind me.


The Demon's Chamber


A chilled wind swept through the country side.

"Your home is so ... beautiful..." she marveled, her gaze still fixated on the chateau.

I moved to stand behind her. I wrapped my arms around her clasping them just under her breasts. I put my chin on her soft shoulder.

I whispered directly in her ear, "I'm glad you approve Maria."

She shivered.

I could see goose bumps appear on her neck, but that could have been from the cold...

She was still so nonplussed with my house that she didn't notice my butler Jon approach with a lit torch.

She jumped in my arms when he spoke.

"Good evening, Mousier Devnik, I trust your journey was enjoyable? He asked.

"Wonderful," I said, "I had pleasant scenery to enjoy." I nodded to the still extremely surprised blonde in my arms. "Close your mouth, dear, you'll catch flies," I said mockingly.

She snapped her mouth shut and glared at me. She wiggled free of my arms, and eyed me from a distance. Her mouth turned down in a pretty little frown.

I turned to Jon.

"If you would not mind giving her the full tour Jon, I fear it will be dawn soon, and I must be retiring to my chambers."

Jon bowed low, "but of course sir, I'll see the young Mademoiselle around the grounds. Should I send her to your chambers, or prepare a room for her?"

I glanced at the gorgeous half breed. "Let her decide her own sleeping arrangements." I said.

Jon nodded, "very good sir."

I opened my arms for my little Aethling. "Come give me a kiss before bed."

Her eyes opened wide, and then became lidded, as she strode over to me. She stepped into my arms. I could smell her. She smelled of roses and sugar ... and ... other things.

She brought her full lips to my own, and gave me an emotionless kiss. I pulled away from her.

"Darling, give me a passionate kiss," I said calmly "I almost fell asleep during that one."

With no change of expression, she once again planted her lips on mine. Her tongue roughly forced entry into my mouth, and began prodding mine. Her hands reached up, and grasped my long hair until her fingers were embedded in it.

She moaned, and shivered slightly.

I pulled away and our lips disentangled with a 'pop'.

I readjusted my top hat.

"Thank you, dear," I said. Her face was red, and she was breathing heavily. Her beautiful red dress was askew, and her silver eyes burned with unanswered desire

"Now I bid you adieu." I turned on heel and sprinted as fast as I could to the house.

Her scent still clung to my lips.



My eyes were closed.

I pulled away from Devnik's lips, lips that I had been commanded to kiss, not once, but twice.

I was so hot.

I hoped he had a decent bedroom in this mansion.

"Now I bid you adieu..." ... what? I opened my eyes.

He was gone ... as if he turned to air.

That ******** b*****d! ... He left me. I was panting, and he left me horny and cranky.

I ran up to Jon and poked him in the chest. "What room does he sleep in?"

Jon calmly lowered my offending finger, "Miss, I think it best I gave you the tour, then we may discuss the sleeping situation."

"But, but," I was at a loss for words.

"Now, now, Miss, it won't be that bad, I think you'll quite enjoy our little tour of the manor."

He made a sweeping gesture, "After you Mademoiselle."

I gave him the cold shoulder, and quickly walked by him, and took my first steps towards the chateau.

The chateau itself was made of tan rock, fitted together seamlessly by cement. The entrance way was a grand marble staircase, that lead up to a heavy wooden double door.

From my position at the bottom of the stair case I couldn't exactly tell how large it was, but from the looks of it, the building had three wings. A center wing where the front door was, and then two wings sprouting from either side.

I imagined that if I was a sparrow in the skies, the house would look like a big U.

Jon caught up with me.

"Come along, come along," he said, "let's get out of the nights chill shall we?"

I nodded silently at him. He opened the door with a flourish, and bowed.

"After you."

"Thank you, I said coldly"

I walked into the demon's mansion.

The entrance room was ... well ... rather anticlimactic. The entire room was white, with a red oriental carpet adorning the center of the room. A shiny varnished grandfather clock ticked softly in the corner.

Jon seemed to read my mind. "The mansion is rather sparsely furnished mademoiselle ... You see, the master does not really desire many things, being what he is ... so only items that are special to him occupy this house."

Wait ... did Jon know that Devnik wasn't ... human?

In fact he was a rather strange choice for a servant. The young butler couldn't have been older than twenty five. He had long brown hair tied back in a bun. But the most curious thing was his face.

He had one large scare starting from his left ear to his cheek, and several smaller ones dotting his forehead and chin. He looked like he put his face in broken glass.

A very odd choice for a butler indeed...

"So, um, I am guessing that you know Devnik isn't ... entirely human," I asked nervously.

Jon gave a good natured laugh, "Entirely human, I guess that is a polite way to phrase it," he said in-between laughs, "But I don't think it is proper to consider him even remotely human ma'am."

I found myself laughing along with him, it was infectious.

His laughter died down, and he appeared to somber rather quickly. "I am sorry ma'am, it was not my place to be so informal with you, but I haven't had anyone to laugh with for twenty years."

"Twenty years!" I exclaimed, "But you are only twenty five or so."

A small tepid smile appeared on his face. "Ah, but looks are not everything, he said sadly, "I haven't aged in a long while."

I was confused again, "Does that mean you're not human?" I asked. "Are you a demon like Devnik ... or ... something else?"

He looked upon me compassionately. "No, I am a human," said Jon softly, "yet I do not age ... The twenty seven year old body you look upon holds the soul of a very old man."

"Yet, how are you human then?" I asked.

Jon sighed.

"My ... longevity ... is not for me to discuss Mistress," he said. "Talk to the Master and see if he will tell you."

I nodded.

His smile returned, "Now! I believe I have a house to show you."

For the next hour Jon ushered me through the chateau. The kitchens and the dining room occupied the entire right wing, while the left wing was composed of a magnificent library, and drawing room. While discussing the true rarities of in the library, something occurred to me.

The entire house was empty.

"Where's all the staff," I said.

Jon smiled sheepishly. "You're looking at the staff," he said, "Besides me and the driver Lucis, who lives in the small village south of here, there are no servants. This house is empty save for me when the Master is away.

I looked at him, as if seeing the true melancholy of this man for the first time.

"You must be so lonely."

He nodded absently.

There was an awkward silence. The morning sunlight started streaming in through the windows. The cold library suddenly felt very light and warm. The sun felt good on my face.

"You're an angel," Jon said calmly.

I was startled. "Half angel," I said, "How did you know?"

Jon pointed down at the sunlit ground. "No shadow."

I sighed. "That's going to take some getting used to."

He looked puzzled, "You mean, you haven't know of your heritage long?"

I nodded glumly, "Devnik awakened me a week ago."

"I didn't know that demons could awaken Aethlings."

"Neither did he."

He cracked another smiled, "That does sound like Devnik."

I yawned, and stretched.

Jon noticed. "Forgive my lack of manners," he said, "I should have known that you would be on the master's sleeping schedule. Please follow me to the master suite."

I stayed silent as he once again lead me from the library, back to the center wing. We were back at the front door. Directly across the entrance room from front door, was another door. This door was jet black, and had intricate carvings on it. I wondered why I didn't notice it before.

Jon, ever the mind reader, launched into explanation.

"I bet your wondering why you didn't see the door on your way in?"


"Well, Master has it enchanted, so that only if the door is pointed out to you is it visible."

"That is ... wow."

"It does take some getting used to," he said.

He opened the door and stepped through. Inside was a bare bedroom with a white linen Queen sized bed, and white curtains.

I hesitated, and looked at Jon questioningly.

He sighed. "You want to sleep in HIS room don't you?"

I simply nodded pathetically.

My body already felt uneasy having been separated from him for so long.

He sighed again, and strode across the room. On the wall was a brass candle holder, he seized it and yanked it.

A panel in the wall opened up to a dark passage way, with winding stone steps descending into the earth.

I stepped inside the passage, and put one foot and the dank stone steps.

"Sweet dreams," Jon said in a sing song voice.

He closed the secret door.

Everything plunged into darkness.



-Daniel Fleeting-

(1097 AD. Somewhere outside Jerusalem)

"And do you accept by choice, the life of the Judicar."

"I do."

"Then stand child, and take up your sword..."

I slowly rose to my feet.

Laid across Father Fredrick's palms was a sword.

It was a plain thing. The hilt was unadorned and wrapped in leather, while the blade itself was made of iron and had a thin layer of rust over it. The only distinguishing feature about the sword was the small cross carved into the base of the blade.

I scoffed. "That is a peasant's sword!" I said.

A dark look passed on Fredrick's face. It was a face that a kindly Father should never wear.

He spoke softly, "You would do well to lose that pride of yours ... it was Satan's undoing and it will be yours too lest you heed yourself."

I swallowed back my retort. I lowered my eyes to the tent's dirt floor. "Yes Father."

He smiled, his face once again gentile

"Now before your rather unfortunate interjection, I was going to tell you of this swords power."


"Please, go on father," I said.

"This sword, my son, is holy," he said.

I gave the rusted old hunk of metal a once over.

It still looked like something he fished out of a bog.

I decided to play along. "What makes this sword special Father."

His smile grew larger. "My son, this sword was blessed by Pope Urban at my insistence."

I could feel my jaw drop. Pope Urban ... the leader of the True Faith, laid hands on this wretched weapon.

"Pope Urban listens to you?" I asked, still trying to process that the Pope was now somehow involved.

Fredrick chuckled. "He should, my child, as I am his personal advisor to all things demonic."

I felt my legs go weak, and my knees sank to the ground. "His Most Holiness listens to you," I said. "Please forgive my impudence, and share your great wisdom."