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New RP character 1-8-2014
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Name: Arika (Ah-ree-kuh), called Ari
Age: 20
Hair: longer than in the picture
Eyes: unusually bright emerald green
Race: Dryad
Abilities: Manipulation of plants and water, speech with animals, extremely charismatic, some small magic that helps her influence with people. Strong, but not supernaturally so, but very fast.
Non-Magic abilities: Singer, dancer. very flexible and acrobatic. She hasn't really used many weapons but she has some skill with a staff and daggers.
Orientation: Straight
Personality: Typically cheerful and free spirited. Fiercely protective of those she loves and respects. Occasionally has a temper
Bio: Arika was born in a small tribe of nomads who happened upon her very pregnant mother while they were passing near the edge of a small forest. An honorable and kind people, they were not about to leave a woman alone in such a plight, and took her with them, offering the woman space in one of their wagons and food from their table. She repaid their kindnesses as she could, giving them a contents of a basket she carried with her, full of rare, beneficial plants, berries, and seeds. The nomads wouldn't use them themselves, but they would fetch a good deal of money in the appropriate market. About two weeks after joining the nomads, the strange woman gave birth, to a little girl. Unfortunately, she did not survive more than a few minutes after labor, just long enough to hold the baby and ask that she was taken good care of.

Again, being an honorable people, the nomads took care of the child, giving her to another young woman to raise who had recently lost a baby to sickness. They gave her the name Arika, a name of their tribe, and raised her with their traditions. She was taught some basic self defense as were all members of the tribe, as the nomadic life was not always the safest. At the age of 7, her first powers manifested, when she came running to her foster mother, screaming that the horse had spoken to her. The woman ran to the tribe shaman, who assured them that is was probably magic. They had seen her mother do none during the two short weeks with them, but that did not necessarily mean anything, and of course, there was no telling who Ari's father was. So the shaman, a middle-aged woman, helped Ari to explore and control her powers, and as they slowly revealed themselves further, one of her abilities with plants gave her the uncanny knack to find rare herbs, and the shaman began to suspect Ari's birth mother had been a dryad. Ari was simply following the same path as her mother.

By the age of 12, Ari had discovered all her powers, and become quite talented with them. The tribe adored her, with her on their side, they never went thirsty, for she could also manipulate water, and they could always find food. Their animals never panicked or ran with Ari there to calm them with gentle words spoken in to their minds. Unfortunately, this would not last forever. When she was 20 years old, while passing through a mountain pass, the tribe was ambushed. Many of the members were killed, and those that weren't were captured and sold in to slavery. Alone now, Ari is sitting in the slave market. She wants to escape, and try to find the members of her tribe and family who are still alive, but knows chances are slim of that, so waits to be sold to whomever will become her new master.

**This character is for the twins by Warrior Aurelius**

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