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XxPunky ZombiexX
Community Member
A Savior...?

The question that I usually ask people is; "I'm a savior...?"
it's mainly because I have aided immense amounts of people {{whom I call companions today}} as well as adults come to me with their own life issues. Instead of them ramming it all into a bottle or sweeping it under the rug they find comfort around me, enough to sit me down and talk for hours about the issues that cause them emotional pain.

Many have thanked me, and few say "your a savior". I really don't know how to respond to such, sure I'm able to say I've helped massive amounts of people through suicide, cutting, mental breakdowns, but telling me I'm a savior is too inaccurate. My main goal is to try and help them, to try to have them understand the meaning of life and how it can change in a blink of an eye.

I have dealt with my own life issues and so far mine seems to be the more horrific than theirs. I've been through depression, I've been on that edge of that cliff looking down upon the darkness that lurks underneath. I was there ready to fall, until I realized, it only takes one step to make a change. Taking a step back only to know I will suffer more from the problems but I had faith that I know I can change them.

I succeeded, however there are still few of flaw's, but it wasn't as horrific as it used to be. I found my way out of the darkness of depression towards the light of hope. However I do have to thank someone, I had only one person with me to deal with the traumatic experiences I dealt with. He was there for me when I had my anxiety attacks, he was there when I felt as though I had no one. After he had helped me, I saw that one person can make a difference. I thank him for being there, even though he's gone now, he encouraged me to help others.

I could hear my companions screams and cries of them being emotional wrecks. Even though I had finally found peace, I couldn't bare them going through the horrific states I have been through. So I took my lantern and traveled back through the darkness to save them and to make sure they don't go to the edge of that cliff. I wanted to be that one person who made a difference in their life.

Of course I had found few on that edge, but with enough connection and holding out my hand promising them I will never leave their side and that I can help them. They have learned how to take a step back and take my hand as I guided them through the darkness to the light of hope. I promised all of them, all they had to do was scream my name and I'll be there.

I am proud to say they call and scream for me instead of taking a blade to a wrist. I have showed them many things to understand about life, and themselves. I have a companion that I've known for a good amount of time and she suffers with beauty, just because she's a bit over-weight. I forced her to look upon her reflection in the mirror as I pointed to it and told her;

"if you can't see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer. I see the beauty that most people can't see."

As I then point to her heart.

"that's where real beauty lies."

Not only did I give her confidence, but now she knows she's beautiful from within and out as no one can tell her other-wise. I have another companion whom suffers with his own sexuality. A man attracted to other men was bullied and teased for what he truly was. I protected him and told him that he is his own person, and he has to grow a back-bone to tell other's they can't judge him for who he truly is. Now this boy walks with his head high and is far more stronger than he used to be.

Another boy whom suffers with drug-addict parents influenced by them he too has became a drug addict and his life is down hill. A family companion I've known since the age of 3, his family plays the perfect act for a normal family, but he tells me what happens behind close door's. The boy is quiet and never speaks a word and rather keep himself secluded until I had told him he always has a place to escape and that was with me. I took him in when he didn't require to be home, I made him find comfort and at least allow him to forget the trouble-some problems for a few seconds.

I'm not sure I have saved this boy, but I can tell a major difference when he's around me. He's not quiet, he's not in dejection, and he knows he's not alone. I have showed him how to be delighted and how to look on the positive side of things also trying to keep him sober, and in gratitude he has showed me the way's of love.

All the companions and many more I obtain today, I have held out my hand to get them out of the problems they have suffered. I've helped them through it all, I show them my loyalty as I stand by their side and they repay by doing the same, even if it's just five seconds of being delighted, it makes my day and theirs. Together in this new year we have made a resolution, and a wish to stay by each other, and never lose one another for we have saved each other...and I have saved them...

In a reminder though, they are not Invisible to me.

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