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Journal of Lost
The Journal of Lost is lost.. and one must be lost to read it.
[E] The List.


In response to some friends who noticed my profile doesn't list it, I will keep my
entire wishlist in this entry (and potentially in some of the comments below it, if I
happen to run out of room for text in the entry itself...).

I'll be using images linked to their market listings, after all.
Gonna just deal with the fact that it will take forever to change the lists now.
But it'll get done. Promise. <3

The categories are not listed by preference in any way.
The Misc. spoiler list breaks are based on old lists and I'm too lazy to fix them
atm, but they will be adjusted to show a certain # of items per spoiler ...eventually.
Exceptions for the non-Misc. Spoilers. Those're just all gonna stay lumped.

CURRENTLY :: Linking . . .

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Misc. Items

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image

User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image
User Image User Image User Image

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User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

La Dragonne
Let it Snow
Magical Mender
Master's & Master's Pet's Pendant
Moonstone & Opal Borealis
Nautilus Raiment
Noble Plumage
Peravian Set
Piercing Rose Rapier
Prince Antoine
Prince Patchouli, & Vetiver
Possessed Med Intern
Rogue Narok
Shibuya Nobody
Silver Sonata
Siren Song
Decayed Skullheads
Spirit of Scotland
Spirit Pyre
Thief of Hearts
Tomo's Basket
Twister the Fire Phoenix
Valhalla's Eternal, Abyssal, & Obsidian Armor
Vanilla Buttercream Rose
Vittoria's Intimates
Warmth of Apollo
Warrior of the North
Wed to Darkness
Wensleydale Prep Uniform Scarf, Shirt, Skirt, & Trousers
Wicked Torn Cape
Wild Dawn
Zoku Inari's Beads (Yuki no Tama) & (Yugure no Tama)

Abundant Garden
Aerial Ribbon Dancer
Alexi Regalia
Ancient Defender
Baby Grande
Bento Bunny
Cat Burglaress
Carl's, & Edmund's Crew
Captain Clarino
Celestial Array
Celestial Monarch
Charlemagne's Heart
Chess Pieces
Checkered Nightmare
Chemical Love
Chrysanthemum Empress
Court of the Elf Queen
Creeping Vine
Crimson Promise
Crowning Twister
Crystal Tree of Cyndor
Cupcake Confection
Cutie Heroine
Daisy's Dark, & Light Hair
Dark King
Deep Sea Enforcer Suit
Egyptian Jewelry Box
Embarrassed Dream
Erik's Masquerade
Eternal Emperor
Flossy Fox
Fungi Village
Gift of the Colibri
Gothique Harlequin
Green Heartstring
Halftone Hero
Happy Melody
Head of Night
Her Raiding Majesty
Highwire Belladonna
Homemade Sidekick
Hyena Companion
Jekyll's Morality
Keiongaku Style
Kirin Companion
Kirin Hunter
Kottan Bell Reunion
La Jolie Dormeuse
La Sanguine
Lady Chimes
Le Saltimbanque
Les Freaks
Lily Starfire
Lion Tamer's Pride
Little Princeling
Madame Gypsy
Metal's Last Hope
Monochrome Keido
Nefarious Plumage
Night's Knight
Onyx and Ivory Trapeze
Opera Diva
Overgrown Ruins
Overgrown City
Paradise Lost
Pearlescent Seafolk
Peisinoe's Discant
Peter Pan
Phasing Lily
Queen Alexandra Butterfly
Quintessence of Decay
Rainbow Jubilee
Rainy Day
Retro Runway
Royal Mariner
Samba Star
Sheriff Law
Skyward Mechanic
Solar Mage
Space Channel Gaia
Stage Makeup
Steamgear Desperado
String Ensemble
Storm King
Swan Song
Sword Eater's blade
The Brass Knight
The Knightmare
The Wretched
Thief of Dreams
Toxic Kitten
Transforming Oil
Ursa Major
Wild Card's Fool
William the Playwright
Yakisoba Dare
Yang, & Yin Tech, & Yin Yang Future Falchions
Zebra Sukutai
Zephyr Tasset

8 Ball Riot
Air Raider
Apple Rendezvous
Audio Starlet Blue Rei
Ballad Punk
Bass Hero
Beat Gear
Bel Gondoliere
Berserk Conjuror
Bird of Paradise
Blade of the Night Sky
Bleeding Heart
Call of Anubis
Celebration Ribbons
Checkmate Void
Child of Gevaudan
Chocaholic & Chocaholic Cream Fondue
Clock-worked Oliver
Comet Candy
Count's Vengeance
Cybertronic Layer
Dante's Divine Verdict
Dark Jubilee
Demonic Circle
Doki Doki Deito
Donna del Carnevale
Draco Ladon
Earnest Minstrel
Egan the Fire Griffin
Fafnir the Dragon
Fairies Abode
Fairy Ring
Father's Armor
Faust's Curse
Flora Roja
Fraulein Marzen
Future Assassin
Galahad Of Templar
Geek Chic
Gray Governess
Hawkin's Treasure
Herr Schwartz
Houyi's Ward
In the Ruhk
Interstellar Astronaut
Jade Rabbit
Judas's Creed
Keen Bandit
Knight of La Mancha
Lady Unicorn
Latrans Trickster
Lesade's Sin
Lexxon's Garden
Bloody Rebel's Anarchy
Loyal Jay
Lunarian's Cape
Malice Punk
Maneki Nekomata
Mark of Courage
Minotaur Asterion
Mod Concentric
Momotaro no Uta
Moon's Watcher
Napoleon of Crime
Nevermore the Raven
Nihonshu Geisha
Obsidian Maqhuitl
One Winged Soldier
Onyx Dragonslayer
Ornate Snowflake
Pious Cleric
Plague Revenant
Prince of Icy Thieves
Protostar Guardian
Ring Around the Rosie
Risky Angels
Sacred Guardian
Sawyer and Finn
Ship Captain
Sinful Scarlet
Space Channel Gaia Beta
Space Companion
Spear of Chaloc
Spring Wanderer
Sulfuric Brawler
Sultry Heart Lantern
Sumi Tribe
Sweet Lunarian
Tales of Adventure
Tanked Tavern
TDHP Device
The Gravedigger
The Librarian
The Sandman
The Sandman Dreams
The Speakeasy
The Widow
Tomorgenne Maid
Torture Chamber
Traveler's Saga
Twin Wolves
Twisted Love
Usurper's Lament
Victoire Corsair
Yurei Child

Amethyst, & Roseus Diamond Dog
Aqueous Page of Cups
Blue Rubble Stockings
Brave Temperance
Card Captor Shinigami
Charithalos Blademaster
Chocolate Cherry Clafouti
Cutie Cowgirl
Devil Trap Card
Devilish Dancer
Dynamite Heel
Evil Ki
Film Strewn
Fortune's Fool
George's Pipe
Ghostly Buccaneer
He Approaches
Hero Manner
High Tea
Hollywood Vixen
King of Wands
Laced Blessings
Lady Justice's Armor
Lawful Master
Lilac Finch
Lovely Diction
Lovely, & Ludicrous Lucie
Madame Seer
Majoko Mariko
McKing's Saintly Cache
Memetically Speaking
Mikan's Slap
Mizuki's Glaive
Monster Style
My Sweet Murder
Nation of the Rebellion
Nikola's Yo-Yo
Oriyon's Belt
Path of Luna
Path of the Orochi
Pepper and Mint
Percy's Guard
Pimp King of Pentacles
Pistachio Macaron
Princess of Swords
Queue Demonique
Rampart Raiders
Red Velvet Queen of Cups
Rival Style
Sainte Ciel: Eros
Scandalous Starlet's Lingerie
Scorch Scarf
Sicilian Wiseguy
Sister of Jiang Shi
Sour Tsundere
Star Tamer
Starlit Promise
Stella Leporidae
Strawberry Charlotte
Stray Dogs
Sublime Mademoiselle
Summer Grass Field
Super Brawler Bash
Sword King
The Adumbral Empress
The Scintillant Emperor
The Suspended Traitor
The War Sniper
Toxic Strongman
Tragic Melody
Tragic Tower
Traveling Filmmaker
Triste's Rapture
Vampire's Judgement
Vespers' Core
Violet Trigger
Wandering Hermit
Wizard School
Wolf of Southtown
Yakisoba Shift
Yorick's Curse
Zessen Fan
Hallowed Gentleman
King of Life
Queen of Death
Elama the Phoenix
Sweet Sunrise
Nightwalker's Reprisal
Hook's Cruelty
Ankh of Aset
Anok Akori
Gift of Hathor
Pink Dragoness
Bollywood Big Finish
Lady Luck
Dice Bunny
Very Protective Fantasy Armor
Mathematical Knight
Vampire Sound
Rainbow Pathway
Shadow Huntress
Ocean's Sonata
Fragrant Heartbeat
Ebony and Ivory
Dyrfinna the All-Wise
Hellenistic Imperialism
Froufrou France
Flowery Finery
Time Lapse Gala
Rake of the Sea
Grand Victorian
Lady Evangeline
Witch's Regal Revelry
Witch's Grand Gala
Brilliant Dynasty
Empress of the Napoleonic Empire
Concerto Conjurer
Queen Corvina
Stellar Birth
Sleepless Awake
Magic School Bags
Cutthroat Cook
Doufu Hua
Piero Dionysus
Devil's Spice, & Spice Kit Collection
Black Russian
White Russian
Bonbonieru Konpeito
Creme Brulee
Matcha Anko
Sunny Hollandaise

Nerd Swag
Key-tastic Typer
Dragoon of Lalune, & Valkyrian
Wakiya's Storm
Dark Temptress of the Watery Depths
Shadow of Nox
Evening Star Sister
Delphic Oracle
Petal Professor Hana
Icy Ascension
Harbinger of Silence
Warlock School
Accessorized Mauling
Sultry Sorcerous
Loli Pop
Mille-Crepe Au Chocolat
Cupcake Darling
Keylime Cutie Pie
Giovane Maccarone
Red Leather Scotch
Sugared Ambrosia
Dulce Principe
Sweet Strudel
Clockwork Headmaster
Cross My Heart
Ruffed-Up Showgirl
Hellish Envoy
Black Butler: Alois Trancy
Black Butler: Sebastian Michaelis
Black Butler: Grell Sutcliff
Black Butler: Drocell Cainz
Black Butler: Undertaker
Black Butler: Ash Landers
Black Butler: Prince Soma
Black Butler: Ciel
Black Butler: Claude Faustus
Black Butler: Agni
Black Butler: Hannah Anafeloz
Black Butler: Ciel Phantomhive
Black Butler: Ran Mao
Sky Rogue
Fathom of the Deep
Widow of Zheng
Whim Sea
Cabin Boy
Starbound Wanderer
Bonny Lass
Her Pillaging Majesty
Sea Supremacy
Knotical Troller
Ethereal Nemertea
Red Sea Scalawag
Elegant Seadragon
Seas Conquer
Trickius Mimicus
Black Sea Scoundrel
Bottled Sea
Dylene Poissonne
She Sells Seashells
Future Investigation
Anesidora's Gift
Vorpal King
Kallida Kumiho
Meracle Swimmer
Sun Wukong
Loch Ness Lassie
Raven Noir
Lady Lunar
Bit of Armor
Fly to the Moon
Forgetful Hero
General Wenqian
Lady Katrinn
Little Bird's Friend
Cat's Tangle
Verden Frakasi
Aamira the Wanderer
House of Mirrors
Unwritten Story
White Heat
Kaede's Hope
The Good Czar
Elemental Love
Scavenged Haz-Suit
Takkun's Wild Side
King of the Pirates
Supreme Student Council
HoC: Succubus Zivva
Princess of the World
Cosmic Matriarch
Stellar Rain
July Dark Mythrill Wings
July Light Mythrill Wings
Ophidian Harmony
Serpentine Raiment
Fanged Regalia
Cyan Magic Ink
Violet Magic Ink
Elemental Spirit
Raphael's Wings
Michael's Wings
Danseuse Enchantee
Winter Dancer

Delicate Death
October Dark & Light Mythrill Devil Horns
October Dark & Light Mythrill Devil Tail
October Dark & Light Mythrill Wings
Divinity Court Lucia
Emergency Nurse
White Rabbit Nurse
Nurse Hazard
Nurse Reakiro
Exalted Arc
Deranged Surgeon
Berserker Pilot
Blind Death
Space Curiosity
The Gourmet
His Darkness
Her Darkness
Follower of Easter Bunny
Little Sister
Lila Fa
Mane Unicorn
Sapphire Cave
Evertree Embrace
Ruby Toadstool
Beyond Brown, & Pale
Dirge's Serenade
Divine Deity
Maisy Lovely Locks & Light Locks
Azure Mystere
Norseman's Expedition
Chara's Spirit
Chrysanthe’s Fountain
Antigone’s Hourglass
Bewitching Beauty
Eternal Eclipse
Boundless Gaze
Danse des Etoiles
Starcrossed Vision
Hero's Skimmer
Shrouded Vestige
Csilla the Wind Sorceress
Casual Style for Men
Possessed Whispers
Pawsitive Mien
Wendy's Care
Slate Dragoon
Midnight Cardinal
Bewitching Beauty
Puppeteer's Wicked Doll
Dragon Knight
New Year's Champagne
Scarlet Riding Hood
Thoughtful Bride
Thoughtful Groom
British Boyfriends ~Afterdark~
Howaito De no Keki
Mousseux Drops
Minty Catwalk
Madame Rouge
Mysterious Captain
La Mort Rouge
Disgrace of Hubris
Royal Macaron
Salad of the Day
Tapioca Skedaddle
The Russian Butcher
Braided Carnation
In Silence I Kill
Blind Oracle
Fay Cervidae
Kuri's Luscious Light Curls
Hime's Light Pigtails
Kimi's Light Bashful Braids
Light Sparkling Slicked Back Hair
Ishida's Light Locks
Light Sweeping Princely Hair
Raquel's Pastel Locks
The Legend of Castle Town
Lively Stroll
Absolute Maiden, Nyx, & Majesty
Heterochromia Stoic Princess Eyes
Goldie the Flapper
Josephine the Cheetah
Vengeful Queen
AWOLF Assault
Portrait of a Hare
Portrait of a Deer
Demon's Authority
Madame Godina
Light, Dark, Cool, & Warm Fallen Star Locks
Cool, & Warm Hi-Rez Hair
Bright Eurydice Eyes
Madame, & Miss Knightingale
White Queen Endgame
White Rook Sentry
Eternal & Brave Edebel
Counterfeit Bride & Bloody Counterfeit Widow
Madame's Fantastical & Glorious Wigs
The Half-Sister
Rajkumari Velvetine
Romantic St.
Crystalline Velvetine
Tory of the Glen
Doting Loving Manner
Eccentric Resonance
Accel Arms
Divine Arms
Fairy Arms
Princess Arms
Redemption Arms
Revenge Arms
Temptation Arms
Woe Arms
Trickster's Deceit
Pink & Blue Mini Gourmet
King of Crowns
Latter Day Cesar & Augustus
Light, & Dark Midnight Violeztin Hair
Prince Dhanun
Inconsolable Thirst
Gacha Master
NeoGaia Bloody Guardian
Impure Intentions
Eternal Chesed & Amadea
Swifty Messenger
Minimal Navy
The Baron's Rose
Black Dragoness
Midnight Scythe
Shaggy Creeper Bangs
Marionette Bangs
Metamorphic Fairy
Siolfor Conjuring
Obsessive Devotion
Obsessive Affection
Tsunderella Maido
Mademoiselle Blanc & Noire
Nightmare Game
Ivory Baronet
Pieces of You
White Hind of Avalon
Idiosyncratic Nurse
Ivory Brow Basics

SDPlus & Astras

SDPlus #028 The Masque
SDPlus #066 Alruna
SDPlus #118 Pale Marionette
SDPlus #161 Proteus
SDPlus #166 Ginoverseer
SDPlus #191 Luna
SDPlus #193 Deep
SDPlus #210 Black King
SDPlus #213 The Raja
SDPlus #220 The Ringmaster
SDPlus #235 Widowmaker
SDPlus #250 Drone
SDPlus #253 Sandman
SDPlus #267 Elpis
SDPlus #290 Pepper and Mint
SDPlus #315 Caretaker Tia
SDPlus #441 Seol-tang Park

Astra-27: Clockwork Wings
Astra-68: Glimmering Aurora
Astra-154: Bread Tumble
Astra-155: Strawberry Tumble
Astra-165: Waving Grey Cat Tail
Astra-184: Whipping White Devil Tail
Astra-199: Mini Opalescent Flapping Devil Wings
Astra-216: Mini Opalescent Flapping Angel Wings
Astra-257: Soft Twitching Grey Cat Ears

Item Bundles

All the Lace Bundle
Blush Bundle
Full Makeover Bundle
Hazel's Hood Bundle
Masked Deception Bundle
Rose Patch Bundle
Seven Day Bundle

EIs & REIs (& recolors)

Adamant Vault
Bad Moon
Dark Heart
Deinocti's Oath
Dream Town
Ce.Ch.be Embryonic Vial
Ty.Go.li Embryonic Vial
Hidden Ace
Imaginary Friend
Le Carousel
Nartian Rock
Paramour's Break
Polar Tear
Rose Saga & Rose Legend
Runcible Spoon
SOF Taiga
Tale of Clarion
The Watchmaker
Trick or Treat Tote
Volant Reverie

Monthly Collectibles

Attitude Alleycat
Sweetheart Schoolboy
Elysian Knight
Striking Thief
Queen's Vengeance
Brother of Virtue ( & Sin recolor)
Winged Halo
Fluttering Moth
Nightmare Scythe
Dew Drop
Golden Serpent
Sunset Spirit
Ghastly Instruments
Night Weaver
Devoted Spica
Draconis Adamantine
Empress Cotton
Antique Pierrot
Fallen King
Djinn Baharat
Yuki Otoko
Silver Sprite
The Wasp
First Frost
Black Widow
Maleficent Seven
Royal Keymaster
Antique Keymaster
Queen Dorado
Ithilldyn Armor
Celestial Veil
Water Sash
Imperial Guardian
Spring Rose
Woodland Druid
AFK Scarf
Legendary Mage
Ascended Demon
Ruby Pendant
Solar Sash
Prism Armor
Electric Knight
Lunar Sash
Princess Kaguya
Harbinger of Pestilence
Scarlet Rose
Grim Reaper
Gothic Butterfly

by Dernier*Cri

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User Comments: [2]
Community Member

Fri Mar 14, 2014 @ 05:05pm


Lost Melfanian
Community Member

Wed Apr 09, 2014 @ 05:33pm

The original "Dreaming" tektek lists of my old wishlist::

Part 1:: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Part 2:: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Part 3:: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Part 4:: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Part 5:: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

** The number links are for the item lists for the avatars you see.
Clicking the avatar pictures will give you a very clutterful avi with a list of a section of the items from my old wishlist.

User Comments: [2]
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