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We believe there is nothing for us to say here...
Story 1: Demon!Prussia x Reader
((Well, like I said before, this is going to be a story journal.And other shiz, I just gotta figure out what though...
My sister was the one who wanted me to post my new story Demon!Prussia and Reader, so I agreed. The first and only time when me and that brat agreed on anything.
Well, I hope you like the story.
Comment please. ^^))

You sat beside your light blue skinned boyfriend, Gilbert. There was a reason why he was like this, yet he never told you. It's not like you cared...
Ok, maybe you do, but you don't want to ask him. He may feel uncomfortable with the subject. The Prussian male put his arm around you, and you looked up at him. "Do you want to know why I'm like this, Liebe?" Yes. Yes you do. You nod and smile, but you had a bad feeling about what he was going to tell you.

"Alright," he starts, clearing his throat. "Well, you see, if you haven't noticed, I'm dead. I've been dead for awhile now," he says, moving his bang from his left eye. You blink, staring at him in confusion. "Lucifer, or Satan I should say, killed me. He visited me in my sleep, and placed a bug in my heart, which killed me in about ten days. And before you ask, yes, I am a devil. You might hate me now, knowing you're a Christian." Gil looked down, and you smiled at him. "if you're wondering, you don't talk much.
He looked up at you, and smiled back before continuing. "One of my friends, Matt, who died before me, was the first to show me around in Hell." He puffed out his cheeks a bit childishly. "Most of the Devil's down there are b!tches too."

You nod, "I thought they all were..." you say quietly. Gilbert shook his head, "Matt isn't- All the time." You nod again in understandment. You don't know Matt, so you couldn't say anything about him. But you do believe this "Matt" guy was nice...
"I bet you want to meet him huh?" he asks, looking down at you. You smile, but then your smile fades. Gilbert knew what your look was telling him. "No, our religion stays the same." Gil stood up, and held his hand out to you. As the shy and nice girl, you gladly take his hand, and he looks down, which brings you both down.

Everything around you had gotten darker, and hotter also. The only thing you actually seen in the dark was Gil's red eyes, which were glowing. You held onto him, so you won't get lost in the darkness, and luckily you didn't. Because you both were already there.
"The gate of Hell..." you muttered. Gilbert looked down at you, before spilling white paint upon your features. You shudder, "T-the f*ck G-Gil..." you stutter, looking down at your now painted white body.

Gilbert grinned, "I'm not allowed to bring a mortal down to Hell, so I had to dump Demon Paint on you. And don't worry, It comes off for you." You sigh, now feeling it harden yet, you can still move your arms and legs with no hassle. "Now, on we go!" he seemed quite happy about having you with him, yet you on the other hand, you were scared. He took your hand and held you close, walking into the gates of Hell.
The gate opened to white demon. "Oh Gilbert~! Welcome back!" Who the f*ck is this guy? Gilbert smiled, "Hey Matt! You didn't kill anyone again have you? You're covered in blood!" Mkay, you're just noticing he was. You quickly hid behind Gil, and shook.

You could tell the Demon was smiling at you. "Oh Gilbert, who's the lady? Someone you killed just so she could be with you?" he questioned, as the two of you walked inside. "Ja, this is ____, and she's mien Liebe." he smirked."Oh, so you both f*cked each other then?"
You automatically felt heat rush to your head as soon as he finished. "Nien, not yet Matt. What, have you did anyone before you snapped and killed them?" Ok, NOW you're getting scared. "G-Gil..." you stutter quietly. Gilbert looked down at you and back to Matt. "Oh look, you scared her!" ... "Wasn't trying too!"... "Oh is that so? She's shaking!" ... "B-boys..."

Can you all just move along?

You slowly moved beside Gilbert, and bowed, not knowing what to do or say to the other Demon. "H-Hello.. I've heard s-so much about you Matt.."
The white colored demon quickly looked over to you. "Oh~ Is that so~?" he asked, smiling. You nod. "Well, I am Gil's best demon friend anyway~ So of course he'll talk about me~!"

Cheese and crackers.
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