"He wanted you banished," Hephaestus began, holding up a hand for silence when he saw the dark look that flashed across Ares' fair visage. "As did Athena," He didn't pause to let Ares vent as he rushed to finish. "Aphrodite had defended you, however; as did Apollo." There was a story there, Hephaestus knew, but he didn't ask about it. He knew Ares would only tell him if she thought he needed to know or if she was even in the mood to share.

She wasn't.

"They did all agree, somewhat, on a different punishment."

"Punishment," Ares spat, her lip curling at the word. "Doing what I was made and bred to do and I get punished for it. Where is the sense in Zeus' supposed justice?" Ares huffed angrily but didn't lash out like she wanted. Even she knew it would do nothing but make the situation worse.

"Zeus has ordered your arrest, Sister," Hephaestus stated after her remark. "And for your prison sentence in Tartarus to begin immediately at dawn."