It was a feast.
Hands reached and dug their fetid claws through the squishing flesh laid across the table in a delectable display. Deep groans and rumbling growls slithered over the quivering being that had become the meal to these foul beasts. Soft gasps and hushed whimpers fell from cracked lips of rosy color, delicate black curls spilling onto the creamy skin of a shoulder as it was snapped and broken. She did not scream, she did not flitch, for her head was held with the lap of her Truth. Hazel eyes gazing up at the shadowed expression of her only solace in this revouting conclusion of her life. In his eyes there was no pain, there was no despair. There was only cool emptiness, a bewitching sense of lonliness, yet it was the comfort she had been seeking her entire life. She had been plucked from her homeland as a child, forced into servitude to these monstrosities feasting upon her body. She had served her purpose, years of being devoured by desire and motherhood to their offspring, and now she will complete her last act of submission. She smiled, as they reached her heart. The wet smacking and snarls fading into the background as she filled her lungs with her last sweet intake of breath. His lips curled into a disgusting maw of razor sharp teeth, a sickening grin that reminded her of the abomination that was her Master. She surrendered herself to him long ago, and now she would give herself to him completely. She watched with rapt attention as he leaned forward over her chest, his mouth clamping around her sputtering muscle as it pumped frantically. Veins buldging out as her body stilled completely. She sighed in blissful agony as he sank his teeth in, stealing the last of her essence as the demons consumed her body. The only thing left on the table was her head, bloody, but otherwise untouched. The only reminder that there once used to be a beautiful woman attached. The eternal expression of resolution and peace was etched upon her delicate features, her hair a soft halo around her face.