today was the first day below freezing in a while. *shivers*

i was all geared up, walked to the jook place, and when i got in, i took my gloves off. my hands were super red. i ordered and the lady is so sweet. she always tells me to sit on the heating blanket they have on the first booth (they sit there when there aren't busy). as i was rubbing my hands, she noticed and asked if i was cold, then touched my hands. lol! she had a mom-like reaction and pulled up a fleece blanket and told me to wrap my hands up in it and get warm. biggrin i love that lady!

i laid on my floor for a good 20 minutes, i was cold. LOL. i love my ondol. i wish we had them in the states.
one thing though.. i think the windows here are more drafty. i say this because all windows to the outside are in two sets (i have to open 2 windows to open the window) and i still get a small draft - and between the two panes the temp is 40-50 depending on the outside air. brrr. my heat's escaping and the cool is seeping in.

i come home for a visit in about 4 days.

my itinerary says i'm traveling for a total of 20 hours and some odd minutes. eh heh. yeah... no. try an hour to cheongju... waiting for the 4am bus to Incheon. the bus ride is a little over 2 hours. then waiting in that airport for a bit.
then waiting in Narita for 3 hours. the nice part about flying from tokyo to home is it is a shorter flight. after so many hours in a plane, even having a few hours shaved off just sitting in an airport is nice.
my layover in detroit is just long enough. hopefully with no delays and no trouble at immigration and going through the checks (the dern line makes it take at least a half hour at a good time) - i'll make it to my next flight, which is short and sweet.
i actually like the detroit airport.
east coast i hath missed thee!