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indent Bitter dirt was the first thing he tasted as he was forcefully shoved into the ground. Harsh cackling filled the air.

indent Trying his very best not to let it, or the pain. get to him, the small child pulled himself up as he spat out the grime in his mouth. In the process, there were a few specks of blood that dotted the grass. When he had been pushed to the ground, he had accidentally bit the inside of his cheek. As a result, the blonde could now taste coppery iron and it made him reel slightly.

indent "Pixies are so weak!"

indent Ignoring this, he rubbed the dirt and blood off his lips as he slowly moved to stand.

indent "Don't you mean mermaids? They can only flop around when they're on land!"

indent Shortly after, a sharp pain was felt in his shoulder blade as he then fell back onto the hard, dusty earth. One of them had kicked him. The laughter returned, this time it was more malicious, and for a long moment, the boy laid there, unmoving.

indent "Look! Did he suffocate? Fish need water, after all!"

indent Not long later, cold water (probably taken from the nearby water fountain) was splashed over him, drenching him completely. The ones around him howled with merriment as the insults continued. But the blue-eyed boy merely laid there, unmoving as he suppressed the urge to shiver once the breezed brushed against him. He was convinced that they would leave once they were bored and had their fill.

indent "What are you toads doing to my brother?!"

indent Immediately the evil chortles stopped, soon replaced by a squeak of fear as a cry of pain was soon heard. The newcomer looked exactly like a carbon copy the boy on the ground, but the main difference was that her red eyes burned with anger and a rush for revenge. Upon rushing into the scene, she had punched the nearest boy in the face. The boy in question was now sitting on the ground, wailing as he held a hand to his swelling cheek. However, she paid him no mind and growled as she moved to kick another offender.

indent The once-vicious group promptly scattered, each running as far and fast as they could. Her kick didn't quite reach her mark, which fled once he saw that he was next in line for her wrath. She was far from satisfied, though, and scooped up a stone in her hand before hurling it at one of the runaways. A yelp was heard as it collided into one of the target's legs. Since the skin wasn't covered by clothes, it was most certain to leave a bruise. "Yeah! That's right! Run! Run on back sobbing like the wimps you are!"

indent The only ones left now was the red-eyed tomboy and the blue-eyed boy. She stared down, highly concerned, as the latter slowly picked himself off the ground to sit up. He was wet, bleeding and slightly muddy. Even though he had started crying, he mustered up the best smile he could manage.

indent "T-thanks, Rie..." he shivered, sniffing a little as he reached up to take the offered hand. He was then pulled to his feet as the other started patting him off the best she could.

indent "Forget them! They're just jealous that they can barely go into anything deeper then two feet, and you're already diving off the deep end."

indent "Y-yeah," then he sneezed. "M-maybe I should quit..."

indent Rie took off her jacket, draping it around him as she frowned. "You're going to let insults from a few spineless worms make you quit? Are you damn serious?!"

indent He was unable to answer, or even look her in the eye. The only thing he could do was shamefacedly stare at the ground.

indent Heaving a sigh, she took his dirt-streaked face in both hands and forced him to look straight up into her eyes. "They want you to quit. Do you even think that they'll let up on you once you quit? If you love it, run with it! Win some and rub it into their faces!" She then let him go so she could lightly punch the palm of her hand. "If they dare pick on you again, they'll get what's coming."

indent Tears were now streaming from his blue eyes, but he beamed from relief. This time it was more genuine, and conveyed his gratefulness better then all the words in his vocabulary. Seeing that made Rie return it with a smug grin, revealing a gap where a new tooth was growing. Without a second thought, she pulled her older twin brother into a tight hug, not caring that he was dirty, cold, and wet. Her hand instinctively reached up to stroke his hair, knowing it was the best way to calm him down.

indent "Don't worry, okay? I'll protect you, Siah"

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