I need to have fun so maybe a poem about creativity
Walk the walk of the bee
Dip and set the flow
Rolling with the rhythm like a barrel
Full of scorpions?
Ya but full of chocolate
Mixed with nuts the size of your dreams
Big dreams
The ones reality lends to
Leading an army to stop dragons of the north
But you're too concerned with the date you have tonight
But a stutter from being shy
They liked your humor
The joke about your P word
Pizza with anchovies
Stick your tongue out for the picture
You were dressed like a pumpkin
It was a good Halloween
Singing about the school day
What test
Oh yeah you slept
Dreaming about the fish that talked
No not from Dr. Seuss
This one had wings
Wait so did that one?
Well anyway
You traveled through the jungle
To find the lake filled with soda
What flavor
But moving on
The stars started leaving shapes
Seems even they have trouble keeping the squares out of the circles
Warm like a pelt
You were laying on the dog
When you left it followed
Cute but still it can do the one two step
Running so much these legs get tired
So put on a new pair
You used the rentals
Robot legs have jet packs don't they?
How long should this go
I don't know my clock melted
So did my fork i used it as a spoon
The marshmallows in cereal seem so small
Only because your cat cut them in half trying to catch the fish shaped ones
Ya well your dinosaur is hungry too
Launch the protein supplement
It's a vegan
Man they laugh so loud
Last time it laughed my car joined in
Then the whole parking lot
And like the dub-step
It shook up a massive beat for the aliens to follow
The ones that brake dance really well
No fair they get to use the lasers
Well they carpooled
You've been teleported to your bed before
Just wish they would quit landing us upside down
And windows are suppose to be the rough image
Well since I'm in bed good night
Thanks for the ride