Damned people... looking so happy and ignorant of any faults in themselves. Theyre so comfortable with other people. Why are they so open to new comers? Why are they alowed to share in that happiness of which I cannot belong? They should be miserable. I hate them for being happy, I want to see it taken away from them. Their horrified faces, as they change into something they're not. Their shallow good times die as they are enlightened to the futility of it all, seeing the light leave their minds as it turns into a deep blue, shrouding parts of themselves in experiences not yet had, making them so deep and unsatisfied with trivial things like happiness and openness, never to see themselves as complete again. They'll wander aimlessly, trying to be happy only to be crushed in the end, where they always this sensitive? Why are they trying so desperately to find this happiness and innocence again? Because they once knew it, and now, for reasons not known, they've lost the ability to shield the sensitive faces of the figure that is their personality: multifaceted, are we.
They will imagine everyone as the enemy. impatience and greed will make them angry at each other. They'll ask questions and gain nothing from the answers, they'll keep asking anxiously, waiting for something interesting, something of substance, but they'll find nothing. what they search for is a perfect bond, no patience for weak ties, there exists nothing but the best friend that will never be found in this sea of useless people. Useless! Utterly useless to them, not good for anything. The people around them provide nothing, so they ignore them and move to the next person, each time growing more weary.

Why am I writing all of this? How does all of this make sense? It looks like the ramblings of a mad man, writing any words that come to mind to compelte the next sentence. Or are they actually related through an intricate and untraceable yet present ties, you go from one setence to another through intuition. The next sentence is obvious, in retrospect. You should've seen it coming.