Please just go,
I'm not myself anymore,
My demons taking over,
And I'm weaker than before..

You make me sick,
Polluting my air,
You know I get a kick,
Out of watching you stare,

The center of your attention,
I'm the bad guy here,
Maybe in another dimension,
You wouldn't live with this fear,

You may not know this,
But I'm watching you too,
Watching you watching me,
It's you I can see through.

You can't save who is not there,
It's much too late for you to care.
I'm full of hatred, full of rage,
I should be locked within a cage.

My humanity is long gone,
I'm thousands of years old,
Hollow on the inside,
This world has left me cold.

Get the hell away from me,
It's time to let go,
I won't hear your plea,
I see red,
You are now my foe.

Your blood on my hands,
I shield my eyes from what I've done,
I knew I couldn't contain it,
I f*cking told you to run......