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Razor • V • Nails~

I'm the one who's so in love with you
I'm the one who's so in love with you
Man, I'm gonna fill you all the way
Uh, man, I'm gonna screw you all the way....Uh

Cause I'm stupid, sadistic, and suicidal
Hard to accept, but that's the whole idea
Behind my modivations
Now here's the part for the radio station
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Finishing the baseboards Razor looked up and noticed Bard had finished the roof. How long did it take for him to paint? hours? Scratching his head he set the paint brush down and focused. Razor poofed back into his skinny human form and felt much better. "Whew! Nice job Bard, my parts done and the roof looks like a roof again, wanna go get some grub?" with all his panic about no nicotine Razor got the munchies and pulled Bard with him. The two chain smokers were all giddy they got the roof done, took them forever but they did it. They just hoped no monster would break it again or have Leonard fall through it a second time. Razor spied the panther leave the kitchen and strode off down the hall toward the masters rooms.

Once in the kitchen Bard started cooking, his specialty going to work. Razor sat at the bar and watched, having random conversations with the cook about the ballrooms colors and all that roof stuff. "Hey kid, at least the roof sticks, I had to work from outside to inside, it was rediculous. Im glad you finished the painting though, made it a whole lot easier on my back since you are so little." the cook chuckled whole heartedly. Razor barked a "Hey" at him to stop the jokes about his animal side. They had a good laugh about it later.

"Man, we need to go to the town market or something, I need a f** bad." Razor complained as he spun the chair around and sat on it backwards in a straddling position. Bard shook his head, "No way, you hear 'bout that creature out there, some of the maids were whispering about it when i went to the restroom. You can go out there but I aint saving your sorry a**." Bard spoke with his back to the red head as he made them sandwhiches. Razor sat there and thought about it, deciding he wasnt going outside anymore, sheesh. "Yeah I'm not going out there to get my throat cut, so I'll check the closets, one of the maids is bound to be a smoker and has a stash." he sighed as he noticed the sandwhich that was handed to him. With a quick thanks to his friend they sat in the kitchen and ate quietly. Only some minor touches and the ballroom is brand new again. Razor had a feeling the masters would be so proud of him, even Leonard.


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Cellist: "Blue" Lassiter

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ι ∂яσωиє∂ συт αℓℓ му ѕєиѕє
ωιтн тнє ѕσυи∂ σf ιтѕ вєαтιиg

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Standing there as his beastly groan emitted from his throat as he thought, he held her hand and rose to kiss it. "Thank you....I would also like to remain in the form... I'll be fine." he spoke softly as he let her lead them back to the castle. Once there in his room he smiled at her. Raising his paw he tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. "Why are you so beautiful?" he whispered in his husky growl. Lassiter let go of her and walked over to the bed and took a seat. His soft bushy tail flicked up and down along the side of the bed.

Host...why not let her see me? She knows I'm there but you never let it go...come now, let's have her see the real you.

Oh leave Lassi alone Demon, he's using my powers, just wait your turn.

The creatures fought as he itched the back of his neck at the pounding in his head. His growl was low but not loud and threatening. Looking up at Illuthis he smiled, "So what would you like to do? We can go down stairs...grab a bite to eat. Anything is good." he smiled as he watched her with his golden hues.

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αи∂ тнαтѕ ωнαт уσυ gєт
ωнєи уσυ ℓєт уσυя нєαят ωιи

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                                              Morning. Not her favorite part of the day. Birds chirping and s**t. Sitting up slowly she looked at the female next to her, just a random girl this time, not one of her "clients" she likes to call them. Finding her pants she slipped them on and then the shirt she wore the day before. She didn't give two shits about a bra, she had a small chest so there was no need to wear one of those things. Nico fixed her hair some what and put on her shades. Walking herself out of the house she left that girl like she did everyone else. The sun was bright and caused her to grimace at the light. "Damn....It's too early to be walking around." she said aloud to herself and headed for home. She had inherited money from family and obtained a beautiful bachlorette pad through her uncle and her job at the gym is just a place to aid in her fun money.

                                              Finally making it home she went straight for the kitchen and looked in the fridge to find herself some wine. Grabbing a glass she poured a small quantity of the red wine int he glass and headed outside to the balcony of the place. Thinking of hosting a party at some point because she is rather bored at the moment. Sitting down she pulled out her pack of cigarettes and lit one, she was a bad chain smoker, some of her gal pals have tried endlessly to make her stop but she is rather stubborn and working at the gym as a smoker is hard, though she some how is able to work out and not fall over, wheeze and die. Nico blew out a puff of smoke and sighed, what was she going to do today? More like WHO was she going to do today. Nico ran on sex, alcohol, parties, and cigarettes. Being lazy was also involved but she knew she had to do something today. She debated on hanging out with her pals for a while. Her work didn't need her because the other trainers were there to work, plus the newbies and she hated teaching newbies so she got away with saying she was sick and need a mental health day.

                                              Nicolette went by Nico with her friends but Nicolette was her work name and professional situation name. Relaxing she took another sip of wine then a puff of smoke. Listening to the ocean not far from her home she was well relaxed and had no intention of moving what so ever.

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                                              ███▓▒░░Spencer Nicolas Leonhart░░▒▓███

                                                            ━╃╄━___ Why should you rely on each other? When in the end you are on your Own

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                                                          Spence ended up at his destination, just not fully, his key in hand he sat down against the wall and relaxed. He would find her soon, he could feel it. Slowly falling asleep he passed out for a few minutes, only to by awoken by a voice. "Squall." his real name. He opened his eyes and looked up to the voice after he was poked and told to wale up. There she was, his Roina. Blinking a few times the male was shocked. Rubbing his eyes and backed against the wall and grew smaller into that turtle shell of shyness of his. "H-hi." he blurted out as he scooted up using the wall for help and stood up finally. It was her, she found him. He smiled sheepishly and moved from the wall to the open space of the hall. "I was just thinking It's been a while huh." he said as he slipped his hands in his pockets. Still keeping his distance as if her father was right behind her staring him down making him an ant.

                                                          Meeting her gaze he smiled again. Then absent mindedly he embraced her, "I'm glad I found you. I thought I'd never cross paths with you again." he said quietly as he held her knowing for a fact she was real. Not an illusion to his mind or a trick played on him by others. Roxanne was here, she was really here. Letting her go he stepped back and regained his overly excited and no so expressive demeanor and gave her space. "So how are you?" he asked curiously. Waving for her to join him in a simple stroll, trying his hardest to forget his earlier actions of embarrassment.

                                                          "Must be odd being all grown up now hm. I mean we still have a while till College but still, it's nice to see you again. I assume your family is well?" he tried to make some conversation at least, even if he was akward at it.



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