My work contract will be continued with couple more weeks so I could go through everything with returning IT who's I've been covering for during their leave. I won't mind getting paid for couple more weeks, but I would've been so ready to return to carefree unemployed life for a while. I can't wait to be able to sleep between usual 8 am and 16 pm again. The very thought of it. heart And I'll have so many blu-rays to watch and games to play then.
Since holiday vacation, it's been a big mess with all sorts of issues with our network... And our company global IT team isn't being very helpful. I was already expecting them to come to clever conclusion that our network is just fine and the rest of the internet is probably just broken... -__-

Woah, we're only 8 days in and I've already gotten a bunch of packages. smile

First off, I got an... interesting... book from Japan... (Obviously)... NSFW
It's a monster encyclopedia with "ecchi" monster girl images. Store I ordered it from made it seem like it could end up being straight-up hentai (it has well known hentai artists works in it too), I was happy that it was a lot milder than it could've because now I'm only little uncomfortable having it. I don't even need to hide it under my bed in locked container with all of my other por- I mean... Po... po... Ah, I got it! Pokemon Cards... Yeah, that's what I was going to say. Not porn. I don't even know what "porn" is...
(Seriously though, I don't have porn under my bed... Or Pokemon cards. It's a joke.)
Anyway, I can actually have it on my book shelves now and not worry about it too much, that's good.
It's not just sexy pictures, it has a lot of information on the monsters too. Even though I can't understand Japanese, book is pretty impressive. They have a full book series like that each volume being about specific creatures from fairies to goddesses. I might order the book about Yokai too.
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Then... To the games.
First packages came yesterday.
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I got Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Collector's Edition for PS3. I have difficulties playing MMOs, but I played it on PC and thought it was pretty neat. It comes with rather beautiful artbook and soundtrack. Again, just a selected tracks... It also has some art cards and a small gadget that gives you one time codes to make your game account even more secure. Also a game and a blu-ray. A very nice collector's edition. Slightly annoyed that it went to Christmas sale couple days later for half the price... Yesterday I also received WarioWare Smooth Moves for Wii.

Today I got a call from UPS during work. They wanted to know if they can bring package to given home address or if I'd like it brought to my workplace. I knew package wouldn't fit our mailbox, so I had them bring it to my workplace. (Obviously didn't open it until I got back home. Ain't got no time to play at work.) IT'S A MOTHERFUDGING JEHUTY!!! Also has huge ass Vector Canon, but I prefer Jehuty without it a bit, so I don't have it attached. It's a Revoltech figurine. A really nice one at that, doubt that this will be my last figurine from them, I was very impressed. However Figurine was packages in a way that right ear had been pressing to plastic. Haven't been able to bend it back to right position, it just keeps going back the way it was, but I'm sure it's nothing that applying pressure for long enough won't fix.
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And during the day, I also got two packages delivered to my mailbox.
Firstly, this beauty. There's not much to say about this edition. It's gorgeous, even if it is for one of the lesser Fallouts.
It's a nice no-bullsh*t artbook. All drawn art, none of the stupid in-game models crap. Also, some art has original artist notes and they have some text here and there, which is always excellent.

The bobblehead is really nice. It has broken a bit in the packaging, Vaultboy comes off from the base, which I don't think it's supposed to. I need to glue it back, though it balances well so it's not a problem either way. The lunchbox is also really great. Trying to find New Vegas CE as well, but I've only seen Spanish editions for cheap...

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The other package that I got was a lot less exciting, just couple T-shirts I ordered from gaming site called Screwattack A FRIGGIN MONTH AGO.
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Update January 9th, 2014
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Japanese snacks. This time all of it is actually good. First time I got japanese candy, half of it tasted like ass. Well... Kagami Mochi tastes like tasteless bar soap. Just going to keep it as decoration.

Update January 10th, 2014
Uuuugh... >10 hour work day. At least we found the likely cause of our network issues. One of our switches has been rebooting itself. My sense of humor was praised when I asked one of our IT guy from Canada if he could get me a log from the switch to see how many times and when it has been rebooting in last couple days. He called me a "funny guy" and Canadians know a funny guy when they see them. Feels good to be praised. I put a lot of effort into my material. Heh. Log... What was I thinking, of course we wouldn't have a log for something like that... We can only see how long it has been since system was last started.

Anyway, I got a call from our movie theater that I got my huge Pacific Rim poster from.
They told me that they had a huge Hobbit poster that I could pick up.
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I underestimated how tall these posters are since Pacific Rim goes horizontally. That's the whole wall. biggrin
In the picture it's in front of our kitchen window. I put it there while everyone was asleep.
My mother and our dog got scared by it in the morning when they put lights on.

Update January 13th, 2014
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Been wanting a Metal Gear Solid figurine for a while.
Got Play Arts Kai figurine of my life long crush, Meryl Silverburgh.

Update January 15th, 2014
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Got Zone of the Enders Japanese Guide / Artbook. Really neat one.
Been wanting to order ZOE Premium Package which would have big books, but it's pretty unlikely that I will actually ever get around buying one due to high shipping price + customs...
Click image for sheet of random artwork from the book.

Update January 17th, 2014
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Got Wii U, Zelda bundle. Seems like EU doesn't come with digital Hyrule Historia, but I already have physical one so meh.
First impressions are actually pretty good. Watched some Netflix and played some Wii on the gamepad.
I was positively surprised how light and comfortable the controller is. It's better than 3DS XL.
And thank you Nintendo for having charge cable that doesn't plug into the console.

Also got a new mousepad for 3 bucks.
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