Name: Sanya Litvyak
Age: 16
Height: 4'8"
Weight: 79 lbs
Origin: Orussia

With shorter than average height and weighing less than an Orussian artillery shell, Sanya's petite physique is accented by shining blonde hair and brilliant emerald eyes. A combination of an enchanting charm and fiery emotional side make sure sure she's noticed by all around her. Even though she can be possessive, bratty, snappy and very emotional at times, no one can deny the love and loyalty she has for her friends. Harsh around the edges, Sanya is often compared to a diamond in the rough, that maybe only requires a little bit of polish... "and cake, chocolate cake. With cream cheese frosting and hurry up! I'm not going to stand here all day waiting!"

Next to her model like appearance the other most prominent physical feature is her lack of arms below the elbow. Standing up for herself and her friends against a dark force cost her these arms at only the age of 14. She has had time to perfect living life without arms and you'll often see her running around barefoot because of it. Sanya's learned to easily bend and twist her legs into positions normal people would struggle with. "St-stop staring at me like that! You try holding a fork between your toes and eating a full meal, baka!"