I'm bored, I don't work for another 2 hours, I am so bored, I wonder how long I can write for. Gosh I am a dork, I mean seriously? I am sitting here with nothing to do so I am writing about nothing. Anime cons? I think the only two I really want to go to is Anime Milwaukee and Kitsune con, I am a bit sad that I can not make it to Anime Detour this year, because I was too poor to buy my badge on time, well I guess there is always next year when I actually have monies, I hope xD
My body has thrown itself into a coma of some sort all it wants to do is sleep til Saturday which I am trying to avoid but I am really tired. Also I learned my dog is going to be put down on Friday, so my dad is super upset cause he is losing my dog and me, but I mean I am only moving 4 and a half hours away he can come visit me sometime or I can come see him >~>

Randomness of being random >~>