Dollie :: pink and female

Personality: rather awkward and shy but sweet, blushes probably far too much, but always tries to be helpful.
Likes: having fun, twirling, making new friends, drawing, snuggling, cute stuff.
Dislikes: creeps and judgement

Ley :: green and female

Personality: giggles a lot, is a bit selfish and a bit of an attention whore.
Likes: feeling protected, hugs, lovely kisses and snuggles, and playing games.
Dislikes: feeling useless and being ignored.

Kit :: blue and male

Personality: he's a bit feisty, can be stubborn and childish, can be a bit passive aggressive when upset.
Likes: boys, dressing up, his sisters, snuggling, hot cocoa, lolipops and playing candy crush.
Dislikes: people thinking he's a wuss just because he likes girly clothes and being used.