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I herd u liek teh Loominati.

25 Signs This Place. (Might be numbered in accordance to OP.)
1. Neo-Nazis would be happy to hear this place is turning into Hitler Command v2.0. They're not happy. (They're sexually confused and think they're straight; shh, they'll never know happiness.)
2. Nazis didn't really care who you were. If you're not white or are gay, you don't help spread the White-Out; Pink Triangles and homocaust and all dat.
3. "In Nazi Germany, even women and children were treated like dehumanized cattle." You mean like before women could vote and when they were burned to death for being a witch because they knew the answer to 2 + 2? I like how this person only picked the "fer da chi'dren" approach and likened the ability of just passing over answering the other half of the equation. Of course, children are treated like trash by half the people on this site with a "right leaning"; haven't you heard the all-encompassing "kids these days" bullshit? Are you female, because I think you need to get back in the kitchen.
4. The only term I ever heard was "Christian White Supremacist". I don't know ******** all who you are or where I am.
5. "Jews are cheap." "Jews run the banks." "Jews destroyed this place." - Christian America + Mel Gibson
6. Socialism + Redistribution of Wealth = Luke 18:24 & Mark 10:23
7. I thought Nazis loved Hitler because he got everyone out of a depression... I don't know anything anymore.
8. Far right wingers of the white clan love to promote anti-immigrant (illegal or not) propaganda against anything gay and/or not white. Dey terk er jerbs, mang.
9. Scientology.
10. Capitalism vs. Communism vs. Kittens. Kittens win by default.
11. I'd like someone to post the whole OP on Stormfront and come back with a link to the thread. Please, For Great Justice.
12. Many "Pro-Lifers" want abortion to be legal. They want it to be legal for rape "victims" and people whose child is predetermined to be "disabled". I don't even know what that means...
13. Oh boy, the killing of the "weak"; calling people "weak" is the catch-all for everyone on this stupid rock. There is no set determination for who or what spreads this mind-numbing, "retarded" mentality. Biggest Promoters: Sports, Patriarchy, Straight Men, More Christian Men, Males, Some More Black Men, Mexican Men, Half the Retards on This Site. You're weak-willed and I hope you die for calling me weak you weak ******** a*****e... where am I? I'm mentally stronger than you Atheists; suck my taint for not following the religion of The W.
14. (Stuff, stuff, more stuff) Kitty Worcestershire Sauce says: "No more god in schools ... Instead, we sang Deutschland, Deutschland, Uber Alles, and had physical education."
I've been to P.E. before. All of the women got passing grades for doing next to nothing. Dreadful class... it's so difficult to walk around with that excess cellulite permeating over your pants. You're weak; get up and do something.
15. Satanism and related religions should be allowed in the school; I agree.
16. Everyone is Hitler.
17. I feel like using this thing here. In 'Murica, a man who demands that women not be in the work force is seen as a Christian Conservative and the crowning leader of "justice" and "morality". If this occurs, women only then have these options:
a. Get married by the time she's 18, but the far-right don't want to lose their "dotters".
b. Basement Dweller, but the far-right hate that type of person.
c. Live with other people, but the far-right don't want her to live with a man if they're not married.
d. Go on welfare, but the far-right hate that.
e. Be a prostitute, but the far-right don't want that, either.
f. Die on a street, but the far-right claim they care.
g. Institute the "Unmarried Woman Convent". It'll be like a welfare whore house, only without the term "welfare" so it looks good on the far-right resume.
When a woman proclaims she should never work a day in her life, she's called a Liberal Entitlement Scumbag by the same ******** that want her out of the workforce. Of course, with the options available to a woman that refuses to work, because of this "evil women workers" bullshit, it then becomes known that how the majority of people who vote for welfare are women, that they are in fact conservative women picking the only option legally available to an unmarried conservative woman without dying in an all Conservative Utopia. Enjoy that with the anti-childcare. The cognitive dissonance of these right-wingers is appalling. You can't have your cake and eat it too, numb-nuts. (I hate that phrase, too.)
18. I really don't care about people being mocked and called names. Of course, first stop calling me a basement dweller, neckbeard and a f*****t, and I'll think about it, you weak Christ sucker.
19. The Illuminati infected Lady Gaga with the Reptilian Serum.
20. Gun control topic: no comment.
21. Fer da chi'dren.
22. #420blazeit360noscopeYOLO
23. I've got some sourcez that say a minimum of 15% of the country has done something illegal. That's just for internet piracy. I didn't get to the juicy parts, yet.
24. You want those sourcez?
25. Le Coup de Grace. We're all paranoid; we're all nuts; we all suck. I'm gonna be killed for being gay, and you have the indignities of an estranged lunatic.