If we are to depend on the nonsense of "always deliberately picking the morons to be the spokespersons of both parties", I'd prefer the Demo-Man instead of the Repo-Man. It would only then be based on if they think of homosexuals and/or internet piracy in a positive light. I no longer actually give a s**t about who runs the country outside of those two things, because it's not fixing my sex life, and if it doesn't fix my sex life, the life, death, poverty or richness of the rest of the populace does not concern me.

Otherwise, I'm still not voting for any of these rejects.

Let's actually delve on this "for their emotions" anti-liberal agenda nonsense, on the other hand. It's much more emotionally involved to play the martyr, the "savior" of the masses; the "I fixed the economy and have made everyone able to afford life." That nonsense is far more self-righteous than anything I could ever possibly attain. You'll suck in the biggest, self-gratifying pat-on-the-back you could ever possibly achieve once that occurs, and you'll do it fer da chi'dren, right before you attack these same chi'dren with the phrase "kids these days".

"Blah blah blah; you think 'economies' can be fixed."

Cthulhu 2016