Nigh to Day...

1/5/2014 , 9:23 a.m.

Well my dreams are shifting back to normal; only to be transferred as daydreams. I'm just glad that I don't zone out that much anymore, but I will have to be careful once I do. They can last up to a good 20 minutes. "Especially" if In my mind I refuse to get end it. Only way it stops is if I have someone move me, talk to me, or yell at someone other than me but I can hear it.

I really can't do that at school. Last time I daydreamed so bad, I failed math. That was one of the main reason why I failed it last year. I was not paying attention for s**t, but I understood the problems. Its really not good if i daydream of something Iwant. Yeah, I'll be ******** if that happens. ... not good.

Well damn, its Sunday. Last day of my vacation. Can't complain because the next vacation I have is Spring. But s**t, that will take quite a while. ...Easter is when everyone meets again. Ugh!!! God dammit! ...I don't to.

I need to go off and buy a new hoodie before school tomorrow. s**t.

********... I have to take a piss. I'll do it once I'm done with this.

Anyway. My dreams tonight was scrambled. I can't remember much of it. That was probably a good thing. I hate dreams I cant remember. ... what if they were good?

My brother up in NJ is having a few complications with his parents. I promised him that if he gets kicked out, he "must" call me immediately. I can have him flown out here in Cali so he can live with me. As long if he's comfortable with the idea. Lol; he's honestly like my little bro sense he's a year younger than me. Same situation; but he must be careful. He's too young to be kicked out. I worry for him.

I'm trying to piece things out carefully before the future come. The start of this new year was so ... "Shaky" for me. That's not good, but its my job to make the right decisions for a good year.

So crazy how it was out of no where.