Since it was before Christmas the last time I wrote in one of these things I will now update. A new year, a new start on another chapter in my life, I've decided its time to get serious about the store, oh wait I did that, right before Christmas I added new products to my store, and added a few more after, for Valentine's Day and some pieces that aren't made with elastic, I want to get more hemp though, those bracelets are fun and easy to make, well once you get the hang of the braiding anyway. This week hopefully if my tablet works I'll be learning to do more artistic things as well and hopefully eventually open shops with those, I want to learn how to create layouts for profiles and artistic display pictures for another site, and at the same time hopefully I'll start writing again. I've also decided to get healthier and to stay away from silly little boys, to actually listen when they say they only want to be friends instead of trying to convince them otherwise because well they should know what they want. Anyway all in all I had a pretty great Christmas, got a few new dvds, A LOT of new clothes, some new shoes which apparently when worn with socks the new booties hurt like hell but whatever they're cute, some nail polish cause a girl can never have enough of that stuff, a purse that can double as a bag, new Irish dishware which I REALLY needed, gift card for boscov's and gift cards for the movies. New Year's Eve I spent online talking with a friend but it was good and fun, anyway hope everyone elses' was just as great.