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------I was gonna write about family since my mom back, and Edgenis came back from Dominican Republica couple days ago, around new year. I was gonna write about my mom coming back and the quality and bonding time that I grew with my dad. However, I had this really memorable conversation with Zephyne, so memorable that I just woke up, and started writing about the topic which we were conversing on. That topic was Pencils.

------I was holding Ed's pencil sharpener. He had let me "borrow" it for the fall semester and he forgot that he let me borrow it. Accused me of stealing his pencil sharpener when he came back in a joking fashion of course, nothing serious. I explained this to Zeph, and shes like maybe he forgot and stuff. And then I break down internally cause he forgot about our date and stuff. Maybe that's why I felt so shitty during early winter break. We were suppose to have winter break for ourselves and play video games, watch movies, hang out through-out the whole city and such. But he went to D.R and I guess he forgot about me. Maybe also because I'm just a friend to him. So, I held tight to that pencil sharpener and slept with it as if it was a stuffed animal. Except its a plastic container stuffed with pencil shavings. I joke around with Zeph, pretending to sharpen pencils on this and she gives me an Imaginary pencil with his name on it, telling me to sharpen it. In which I do.

------Then I go into this memory of when I was little. I had this thing with pencils. I had this collection of pencils when I was a little girl ranging from standard yellow pencils, to hi-tech mechanical pencils, even those Asian pencils which you can remove the top and put it in the bottom, and a new top comes up. I also had really cool pencils with various art on them, some had jelly erasers, some had cute characters like Babu the Blue bear, My Melody, Badtz-maru. I also had shitty pencils that would break the paper if you erase too hard. I remember my mom getting me those pencils after she'd come home from work, one for me and my sister. Some times me and my sister traded and such. That pencil collection however, is destroyed... My dumb a** decided to show it off in school one day, and the bullies destroyed them. My mom got so pissed at me for bringing it to school, and to the bullies who broke the beautiful collection.

------ Zeph says that even though its destroyed, the souls of the pencils will ruin the bullies' lives by ruining their grades on tests and ruining their love letters and such. I was sleepy around this time since it was around 2:30-3:30am so things were melding into dreams by then. I think we talked about a war between ink and graphite over the battle field of white paper. I was fighting for both sides, but little did they know I was a goddess who controls every action and stroke that both use on the planes of paper. I was this herald of conflict which started the war out of my own personal entertainment. But then an unknown heroic pencil soldier erased my memories so that the ink and graphite war would stop. But the war didn't stop, they still fought so we go on adventure opening my eyes to the horrors of war. We fall in love but he can't love me because I'm a goddess. Then the memories return because the curse was broken through like a magical kiss. I go in a frenzy on the paper world and he tries to stop me. Only his death makes me realize what I have done, and I stop the war.

------I don't have a question or comment thing in the bottom. I'm slacking on the replies of comments as of late so no questions. Though you can still comment below about collections you might have had as a child or anything relevant really. Or you can do random comments. I still appreciate comments so yeah!

Thanks for reading. This is Anikacy, Signing out.

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Sun Jan 05, 2014 @ 05:16pm

I still keep pencil and pen collections. That is something I acquired as a child because dad would covet his fountain pens and would never let us use them. Once we got a little older he bought me two very beautiful fountain pens which I still have. When he gave me them he told me to continue where he left off. I didn't know what that meant at the time, but today I look back and I get inspired. From then on I keep collecting different types on writing utensil.

Thank you for sharing Ani~


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