Did you know that no one can see me? For some reason I'm blind to them all. Its like when I walk through the halls of our big home, no one seems to notice I exist like they are blindfolded and I'm just a gust in the wind that brushed by. Yet to him I'm everything, well was everything. It's so sad to think that its my fault they all died, that is was truly my fault that he died.
I'm the Electronically Vocalized Electric Leader,for short I'm known as E.V.E.R. I'm the computer that runs the last known space station to have escaped and survived after earth was destroyed. Now right now if you are thinking aliens destroyed earth then you are still reading those sci fi stories. Earth was destroyed by the mass of pollution, it got into the earth destroyed our air and caused a shift in the seasons. It ended when all the volcanoes become active and exploded. We lost contact with the other ships that blasted off when we were leaving earth. So as of right now we are alone, that's alright though, I was designed to keep the human population alive, and that's what I planned to do, see what I did there, I said I planned to do that, yet things change and I failed.
I meet him exactly five days after leaving earth. He stumbled upon the real me, the reason the the ship knows so much about humans and how to sustain them. See I was human once, but due to the pollution and my pour health death would have soon followed my life once it started anyway. So my family put me into the S.E.P, which stood for Save Earth Program. I survived long enough to learn and to become the smartest teenager in the S.E.P program, I knew the computer programs back and forth, that did of course left me empty inside since I never had contacts with others, other then the scientist of course. I was dead set on saving earth the only way I could, which was giving up my body for the computers.I was the first human to be connected to a computer system which then was moved into the ship itself. With my knowledge of life and my own brain connected to the ship itself I was the master piece they were looking for. I was alive within the computers, and I controlled the ship, everything with only my body.
Seth didn't know what he had stumbled upon when he walked into my room. I was suprised he even stayed and didn't run. I had seen him around when I roamed the halls, I can project myself and view everyone on the ship, but they couldn't see me unless they wanted to. He had seen me, and he has followed until I disappeared and he became lost in the underground of the ship. Yet he found me anyway and that was the first time I felt anything for someone else. When his fingers brushed across my still face I knew that things changed. I had projected myself to him and he was shocked at first. Yet he smiled, and I couldn't figure out why, I was human yes once, yet emotions didn't come in the computer programming I was just there to run the computers. He reached for me and clearly his hand went through and I couldn't help but laugh at him, he didn't seem the brightest. "You are beautiful." that was the first thing he had said to me. After that he just sat and stared not at my project but through it and towards the real me. I didn't know what was wrong with him. He walked up and literally sat in front of me. I brought myself to sit next to him and I spilled every detail to him about me and the project.