On January 5th, 2014 I was betting in some casinos in the lottos forum. I came across a user (CALLmeMavis) who was trying to bet without meeting post requirements. His profile said that he had 10,000+ forum posts, but once I clicked the "view posts" button, I saw that he really only had around 10 forum posts.

He continued to try and bet in different casinos. I posted a warning in each casino that he did not meet post requirements and to not bet with him.

Soon after, I received a gift from an anonymous benefactor with the message: "Suck dick b*tch! Why don't you rot in hell?!"

I can only assume the gift was from him. I did not open it. Here is proof of the message.

I did not open the gift and immediately messaged a Gaia moderator. I was told to keep the item in my inventory and to not sell/give away the item. I was also told to make a journal entry of the situation in case my account is looked into for hacking/scamming.