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Josie's Journey
Follow Josie's fashion adventures back in her younger days.

Ever since she was just a little girl, it was always Josie's fondest wish to travel all around the world. She may be a happily settled shopkeeper now, but when she was younger Josie loved nothing more than exploring wherever she could. She spent her teenage years roughing it in the wilds of her homeland, trekking across the country and having some pretty crazy adventures! And, of course, discovering all the incredible clothes that would later influence her beloved Global Imports and her signature fashion sense. Want to learn more about Josie's amazing journey? Then stay tuned!

Josie's Journey, Stylish Headband
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Josie grew up in a crowded, dingy city. Even though she'd always wanted to travel and see the world, Josie spent most of her younger years studying at home -- she had never even left the city once! Her heart yearned for adventure and exploration, but instead Josie focused on her college applications like the hardworking student she was. However, while out picking up some groceries one day, Josie spied a pop of bright color out of the corner of her eye. A fashionable jacket was being displayed in the window of a small boutique, and Josie fell in love with the trendy, vibrant coat instantly. It took weeks of saving and scrimping, but Josie finally managed to buy that jacket right off the mannequin. Inspired by its flashy colors and unique features, Josie decided it was finally time to follow her dreams and travel as much as she could! After all, there was a great big world out there. And Josie planned to see it all!

Earrings, Trendy Jacket
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Josie carefully gathered up her belongings as she prepared to start her journey, making sure to pack as light as she could. After all, she didn't have a car. Or a bike. Or anything to travel on, really! It seemed she'd be enjoying her journey on foot -- at least, for a little while. Maybe she could find a used junker in a village somewhere? Either way, Josie was determined not to be deterred. She left a note informing her parents that she was pursuing her dream of traveling outside of her city, took a deep breath, and finally set off.

After what felt like an eternity of walking, Josie turned around and stared at the city she had now left behind her. From this distance it was just a darkened silhouette, a conglomerate of blocky buildings outlined against the blue sky. In front of her was a seemingly endless strip of a road, surrounded on either side by a flat expanse of land. No buildings, no homes -- no civilization. Nothing. For a moment Josie hesitated, a pang of early homesickness twisting her gut. But Josie knew she had to do this. She squared her shoulders, held her head high, and marched onwards. It felt almost as if something was calling for her out there, and she was going to find it.

Hair, Sash, Legs
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Josie continued to plod along the path, her feet growing more and more sore as she wandered. The occasional small town dotted the road she walked, but they were so few and far between that Josie could barely muster the energy to get excited for them. Maybe she just hadn't traveled far enough from her city yet? Just as Josie was beginning to question her decision to leave home, a sputtering engine and flash of metal rocketed past her. Josie coughed in the dust it raised in its wake, waving a hand in front of her face to clear the air, when she realized something: her bag was gone! Infuriated, Josie set off after the moped at breakneck speed.

No matter how much the thief gassed the engine, he simply couldn't escape Josie's wrath. She easily caught up to the bike and grabbed the thief by his collar, tossing him off as if he weighed nothing at all. Wide-eyed, the thief apologized and begged Josie not to beat him up, offering her a ride to the next town in exchange. Josie considered this for a moment, eyeing her would-be assailant carefully. He seemed just a few years older than her, with spindly arms and legs and not that much muscle. Josie knew she could easily take him down if he tried anything funny. And so she agreed, although she warned her new partner that she was a deadly shot with her earrings if he attempted anything even remotely suspicious. She hopped on the back of his bike and the pair set off to the nearest town, still several days away.

And although neither Josie nor her new friend were aware of it, this was how Josie met her first true love.

Bike, Thief's Scarf
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Thief's Coat
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Josie and her new traveling partner introduced themselves to one another. His name was Rudo, a lonely young man as desperate for adventure as she was. In pursuit of some excitement, Rudo had foolishly tried to join a gang who promised to initiate him if he stole from a traveler. Unfortunately for him, he'd picked Josie as his first target -- that hadn't exactly worked out in his favor. Still, Rudo seemed relieved, and the more time Josie and Rudo spent together the more she realized how similar they truly were. He'd been a bookworm, just like Josie had, yearning for something more before studying abroad. Hadn't her own journey started in a very similar way?

Together, the pair traveled on Rudo's teal moped across the sweltering hot country, visiting different villages and towns. Josie had completely fallen in love with traveling, and she found the architecture of each new location to be absolutely fascinating. And the clothes! A vibrant mixture of traditional and modern, just like the buildings themselves. This helped spark Josie's interest in architecture and fashion, which eventually led to her career in Housing and Global Imports in the future.




After a summer full of travel and sightseeing, Josie realized that her journey finally had to come to an end. She and Rudo had spent the entire season roaming across the country, exploring everything their small part of the world had to offer. But Rudo insisted there was one more stop on their trip: his palace. Although he'd kept it hidden from Josie, Rudo was actually descended from a long line of wealthy royals. He spent his entire life cooped up in the palace, unable to experience life outside of its decadent walls, until he finally made a decision to run away and see what the world had to offer. Perhaps he'd been a little naive at first -- trying to join a gang, he realized, was probably not the smartest move -- but traveling with Josie had truly opened his eyes. And although Josie was initially shocked and reluctant to have Rudo spoil her, she eventually relented and allowed him to give her a magnificent gown. The prince's return home was celebrated with a lavish ball, and Josie and Rudo spent the entire night dancing together before finally parting ways.

However, the two of them promised to always keep in touch and eventually travel the world together. Unfortunately, Josie's years at her university and then running Global Imports keeps her fairly busy. Although their busy schedules are rarely in sync, Rudo still finds ways to help Josie where he can. As a traveling business man, he flies around the world looking for new fashions and clothes to export to Global Imports. And while Josie hasn't achieved her dream of exploring the globe yet, she knows that one day she'll travel and see everything the world has to offer. For now, though? Josie is more than happy where she is, providing Gaians with the beautiful clothes from the places that she longs to one day visit.

Rudo's Shirt

Rudo's Pants




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