Act Like I Don't Love You.

A train whistle blows.
You cradled my innocence;
No more smiles to show.

I know what I've lost.
You can love, I've seen it.
My window fogs with frost.
Each winter reminds this

This broken-but-not heart
Of every silent smile.
A war will start
Destruction for a mile.

I vented wrongly.
I should've been silent.
Maybe if you hadn't reacted so strongly,
Maybe these feelings would relent.

Instead I will voice no regret.
I will smile and laugh.
Every love-lorn secret
Will be kept under wraps.

The destruction is right here,
Inside my chest.
The heart holds no emotion,
But the cuts will subsist.

They're not 'cause of you,
But you may have been a trigger.
This war is for fools,
And does not have a winner.

Please don't forget how much I still love you.