The black rose with thorns

I walk out to the main garden and see many types of flowers all around
But the center of the garden gets my attention with all the roses
Of many color alls around it giving the garden a beauty
Has I look at all the colors I see a rose that gets my attention
A black rose within the other colors of the roses
I go to the black rose and go to get it out of the garden
But the thorns piece my skin and blood comes out of my finger some
This black rose is me in a way I feel some
There two people in my mind when i have to make a decision
One is the side of me I like that tells me to wait and be patience
And not react badly to the situation
The other is the side of me I don't like that has made
Me impatient and react badly to situations when i should be not reacting
Both sides fight to see who I will choice and half the time
I feel the side I don't like wins out more times than it should
There times I don't like part of myself because
I feel it causes more issues with friends and family than it should
And the friends and family react to that badly some resulting in loss
Of many things be it friendships or hurting a person when
I didn't mean to do a action