Name: Lithium X. Wolf
Nicknames (if applicable): Lith, Wolfy
Age: 18
Species: Shapeshifter
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 120lbs
Distinguishing features: Blue eyes and usually black hair
Build of body: Athletic with curves
Posture: can be elegant but is usually slumped slightly because of boredom

Hometown: Durem
Current residence: Durem
Occupation: E-Corp/ actress
Native language: English
Other languages spoken: Dark Elf (you have to know it in Durem)
Style of speaking: Thick southern accent, but starts talking with the mannerisms of people she meets (british person=british accent), slips frequently into different speech patterns.
Volume of voice: normal, turns loud when she gets excited about something

Likes: severe weather, intelligence, mischief, Acting, art and theatre
Dislikes: bad table manners, people who are uncultured, idiots and bigotry. Also, sexism.
Fears: being a victim of sexual violence
Hobbies/past times: listening to music, and drawing
Pet peeves: smacking, chewing with an open mouth, close-minded people
Pets: none, she captures and tames wild dogs and cats and then finds them homes
Talents: acting
Personal goals: To become a well-known performer that draws in the gaian elite.

General attitude: eccentric but usually quiet and a bit obsessive when she has something (or someone) to focus on
Religious values: Agnostic, believes that there are god(s)/goddess(s) but that they aren't really omnipotent
General intelligence: slightly above average, but below average ability to do math. Her creative cognitive abilities excel in every way possible.
General sociability: She's a wallflower who will overwhelm you should you pull her out of her shell even a little.
Energy level: depending on what she's doing, she is either a couch potato or a ball of energy
Eating habits: She really likes junk food, steak, and Italian. almost anything bread she loves, especially beignets.
Bad habits: she constantly bites and picks at the small unnoticeable scar on her lower lip, and her accent slip can be considered a bad habit, too.

Family: a mother, an estranged father and a younger half brother
Enemies (and why): A guy from her school(her former best friend) who took advantage of her once and she never forgave him
Friends: Tori, a girl from her theatre company who shares a majority of her intrests
Best friend(s): (see Tori)
Love interest (if there is one): a few guys, but all unrequited. She doesn't like talking about it.
General relationship and attitude towards EB: He doesn't know her individually that she is aware of, but she holds a deep seated fondness and would wait on him hand and foot given the chance.

Weapon(s) of choice: an arm length black sword called Silent Night
Fighting style: tricky and stealthy. She prefers to sneak up behind you and kill you quickly
Strengths: stealth, speed
Weaknesses: not good at hand to hand or actual combat, not very strong

General Biography: Lithium was born into a middle class family who frequently dealt with the dark elves in order to make ends meet. After the war between the elves and the vampires, the elves needed her family's help more than ever and they made enough money to send her and her brother to school, where she discovered her passion for art and especially Theatre. She became an actress against the will of her father and was disowned by him. She still keeps contact with her mother and brother, but she lives in a small apartment across the town, with her mother paying the rent. She pays for everything else by being a hired actress and working at E-Corp, which makes her very happy as she holds a bit of an affection for EB.

General Personality: Ever the wallflower, when she is pulled out of her shell her eccentricity shows. She has a flare for the dramatic and anything artistic. When she finds or discovers something or someone she likes, she fangirls over it and dissects every aspect of its existence until she knows it backwards and forwards. Her self-esteem is a bit fragile, and she's very self-conscious. She tends to internalize insults and slights. She is usually passive aggressive.

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