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The Life and Mind of DamnBlackHeart
This is to help me stay actively writing. So expect to see rants, tips on writing, thoughts on subjects, me complaining of boredom, reviews, anime, movies, video games, conventions, tv shows and whatever life throws at me.
What I've Learned From Playing Left 4 Dead...
These are my personal lessons that I've learned from playing. They may or may not be useful for other players and this isn't in any particular order.

If you're new to the Left 4 Dead series, it's highly recommend that you learn how to play in single player before playing online. Better yet, once you've played the single player, get some friends together and play with them. This will help ease you into playing online with strangers and you'll learn how to work as a team.

When playing the single player, the most annoying thing about playing with bots is that you're the one that has to lead. So of course you're going to be targeted by special infected the most. Also don't be disappointed in seeing that you have the most damage out of your teammate bots. You'll get better at protecting yourself, but what helps a lot is to...

Play attention to your surroundings and more importantly listen! You'll be able to hear the special infected before they attack you. There have been plenty of times that I was able to protect myself, by figuring out where the noise was coming from and kill them as soon as I saw them. If you need extra help with that, just turn on the subtitles.

There's no dodge button, but the closest you can get to it is the crouch button. Use it! It saved my life so many times that I lost count. A few times a hunter would attack me but I would crouch at the right moment and it would fly behind me into a wall, fall off of the roof, or get shot to death before it could jump again. It also helps when it comes to tanks, just hide behind an object and crouch when a tank is throwing concrete at you. Also, crouching helps to prevent teammates from shooting you when you're in front, and it can help improve your aim as well.

Don't wonder off alone or go too far. You could easily get into a situation that you can't get out of if you're trying to be a one-man army (or rushing in like an idiot). Your teammates may not be able to save you or reach you in time. Also, if you have to split up, always go in groups of two. If someone gets pinned down by a special infected, the other player can kill it.

Always close doors after you enter a room, it will buy you some time to get ready and give you an advantage. The Infected can break through it easily, but you can shoot them as they start making holes in the door. And it will prevent them from getting too close to you.

I hate rooftops. I know I sound like Francis when I say that but I really do hate them. I always get knocked off them. Twice a tank (not the same one either) punch me right off the roof, resulting in me being at least a mile away from my teammates and not being able to get help in time. A jockey has ran me off, a smoker has dragged me off of it. So far, chargers and hunters haven't manage to get me but that could always change. So please, be wary of rooftops. It might help if you and your teammates form a circle so each person is covering all sides.

This doesn't really need to be mention because it's a given fact, but leave the witches alone. Unless she's blocking the way of where you need to go and there's no way of sneaking past her. If you need to kill her, it's recommend that you use a shotgun because it can kill her in one shot -- yes, it's possible but it depends on what shotgun (Tactical Shotgun or a Combat Shotgun) you have and where you aim it at (it is actually inadvisable to aim for her head: the back presents a much easier target). Of all the special infected at least they don't purposely hunt you down. But if that changed, you can bet your a** that they'll be scarier than the tanks..

Take advantage of being inside a safe room. Snipe a bunch of infected from the door way, through the metal bars before leaving it. After all, you can always refill your ammo or switch to your prefer gun when you're done sniping.

Another thing I hate, chargers. Why? Because out of all the special infected, they are the ones that always, always get me, even when I manage escape them the first time or escape their charging attack the first time. So when you hear a charger make sure that you're not in a hallway or trapped in a corner. That's how they manage to get me most of the time, so proceed with caution whenever you hear a charger in the area.

Don't waste your time carrying the gas containers all the way to your destination, instead throw them to where you need to take them. It will save you a lot of time.

Always know where the tank is coming from, or at least predict where they'll show up. When playing with bots, I always try to stay out of range when the tank shows up because they'll be fixated on the survivor that is closest to them. The best advice anyone will give you about a tank is to run and shoot. If I happen to get their attention, I run like hell and as soon as he loses interest in me I shoot him. Sometimes while he's distracted with me, it gives teammates a chance to spray him with bullets and finish him off. Also, when you're running from a tank it helps to run in a huge circle. It just makes it easier for your teammates to keep shooting at it, while keeping track of you and the tank.

At most Finales you have to defend your position until rescue arrives. When it does, RUN for it. The location will become overwhelmed with infected, so don't bother to stop and fight them all.

When your health dips below 40, beware! You'll walk slower, which will make you an easier target for the special infected. Temporary health from pills/shots will remove this, at least until it runs out and then your health goes back to being below 40. If you can't find any health boost or your teammates can't spare any than stay close to them. Or if one of your teammate has low health, watch their back.

You can only be incapacitated three times before it will kill you. After the second incapacitation your vision/screen will be in grayscale or in "Black and White", also known as B&W. Players who are at this stage should be given priority for healing. A healing kit will reset your incapacitiation count back to zero.

Never shoot (or hit, or jump on, or push an infected into it) a car that has flashing lights. It has an alarm and as soon as it goes off a horde will appear. So try to avoid them as much as possible, especially when you or your teammates aren't in the condition to face another horde.

When it comes to tanks, it always helps to set him on fire with a molotov. This does make him angry, which increases his speed, but he'll stay on fire until he bleeds out.

Communication is VERY important when playing online with strangers, especially for the more competitive areas and serious players. There is a chat function but that takes valuable time away from your playing. So you're better off using a mic to get your message out faster. For example, in Expert Mode it's practically a requirement because most people prefer to play with those with mics, and if your avatar in the lobby doesn't show a plugged-in mic, you might get booted.

Randomly throwing a boomer bile will summon a horde. So be careful when you decide to use it, preferably when there's already a horde swarming you. It will distract them to it and it'll give you enough time to run for cover or finish to them off.

Note: I will add more to this when I learn new lessons.

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