The darkness in my head blocks out the light with in my heart. Without peace between your mind and heart you have no peace at all. I for one don't have any peace at all both my heart and mind are at war with one another. I have no control or say so in it they hate each other right now because my heart hurts my entire body when it's hurt and my mind throws me into a depression if my heart don't listen so yea either way I am screwed. There was one time when my heart and mind were not actually fighting and idk remember those times but they were there. I hate the fact they fight so much now. It hurts me so much I can't even make them stop and it sucks cause if one is hurt or something my entire body get's hurt in some kind of way. Why couldn't my heart and/or mind fight with someone else's heart and mind... Noooo they have to fight with each other and leave me in a total wreck. They can just come to peace with one another they have to fight and make sure I'm miserable as hell. I don't think they remember the good happy times of course it might of ended this way if my life went different any way's. Well it actually all depends on what part of my life went different or not. Either way I would still be hurt in some kind of way and not know what to do. I hate this so much though regardless on what is what. Why do I have to be so alone though?User Image