As my holiday comes to a close, I, alongside of the many high-schoolers out there, would like to ask where the ******** did it go? Words cannot express how fast time left my grasp. Christmas, New Years, oh dear...It is two-thousand fourteen now, isn't it?
Furthermore, I am more shocked, due to the fact that I haven't even picked up on the homework I didn't do yet. Though, the thought of actually having homework during holidays is quite incomprehensible, if you ask me. It is perhaps, a gift from the teachers. That, or a way to say, "Well students, I know you all have the holidays to relax and s**t, but, I, being the complete tyrannical ruler that I am, and also devilishly handsome by the way, would like to give out this piece of homework to ruin your chances of an instant holiday, while providing a run-on sentence, and putting out the obvious fact that I have a power-complex, because I rule over your miserable lives until the school-year ends. (evil laughter,with a dash of lighting)".
I don't know why I made the sound effects sound like a recipe for food.
Either way, despite how late it is, I will work on my homework now, while you, the reader, can do whatever they desire to do. Whether it be homework, or something else, and so this lament is finished.
[&*^%*$!&] Where is my textbook....