It was the amber in his eyes that attracted me.

That cute, quaint little spot of clever that played just below the deep shades of brown. Elusive, mischievous and altogether kind. He was definitely a heart-throb at some point in his life.

And now, of course, this worked to his advantage in the golden years of his life. The Shopkeeper on the corner of Mar and Del Ray sized me up like I was a penny already tucked in his purse.

When first he spotted me just outside his shop I'd quickly dropped my head. But not so quick that I hadn't noticed the upturn at the corner of his lip. His finger had risen only a second after and curled inwardly.

He was beckoning me. As a proper lady I could not refuse.

So I took up my skirts, crossed the threshold and found myself in the little antique store with nary a dime to my name. Perhaps he hadn't noticed, but the parcels in my left arm were the many heavy textbooks I'd purchased for the new school year.

For many, college was a time of hijinks. For me, it was all for the classroom.

"Good day." I greeted him.

"Fine day indeed." He made his way beyond the glass counter-top and dropped into a low bow. Careful not to drop my cargo, I dipped into a curtsy and smiled.

"Was it me you were attempting to draw in?" Straight to the point as always, a habit instilled in me by Da.

"Why yes, my dear. I see your hands be quite full thar. I was hopin' I might offer ye something to carry those handsome texts in."