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Character Development
Substories and character development for my OCs will go here. Most of the characters are from roleplays on this site and the ideas for their worlds are the property of the rp owners, just like the characters themselves are mine.
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There must have been more alcohol in the punch than Astrid thought. She'd only had three glasses and yet seemed to be getting more boisterous as the evening progressed. By midnight, she, Hiro, Ayume and Nami found themselves in the large sitting room that seemed to be housing the "interactive games." There was a group playing spin-the-bottle, another playing truth-or-dare and a third playing seven minutes in heaven. A sure sign that her judgement was hampered, she allowed Ayume to lead them to the third group - despite Hiro's protest that T or D would be more "adventurous." Hiro clearly didn't know what Seven Minutes was.

To further prove this point, he kept asking just what exactly happened inside the broom closet they kept sending people off into. Ayume just laughed and brushed him off by saying "anything can happen." To make matters worse, he turned to Astrid about halfway through the game and popped a question that made her choke on her punch.

"What do you want to do if we get paired together?"

At least a thousand options raced through her head, but for reason, the only activity, out of the thousands of memories she had to pick from, that stuck in her mind was sitting by that bonfire, their lips interlocked. She was definitely drunk. The best Astrid could come up with in her inebriated state to reply was

"It's a surprise."

Hiro pouted, the naive fool.

"But why can't you just tell me now?"

"Because that's not how surprises work, dummy."

She poked him playfully on the forehead for emphasis. It was probably lucky that he had switched to drinking water after his first glass of punch. Who knew what sort of things people could convince him to do if he was drunk. Really, Astrid had always wondered how he was so innocent. Even Gethin, who was her hero for some many years, knew about explicit activities. She tried not to think about it, as those were not mental pictures that she wanted to have floating around in her head, but he was in tune with reality - and she knew that. Hiro, on the other hand. Hiro was almost too naive for his own good. Astrid sincerely hoped that whoever broke his rose tinted glasses did so gently, so as not to break the boy as well.

"And the first name is...Hiro

Speaking of which...
The redhead perked up like a dog at the sound of the word "squirrel," and Astrid noticed lazily that Gethin and Xero had now joined the group as well. She waved to them, missing the second name that was called until Hiro pulled urgently at her sleeve.


She asked, slightly peeved, but not hateful.

"They pulled our names, what does that mean?"

"Our names?"

She couldn't believe it. Out of the twenty people, the raffle managed to come up with them both.

"Yeah, mine first and then yours. What do we do now?"

Astrid pointed to the closet, standing and pushing him towards it to the sound of Ayume snickering.

"Into the closet and I'll show you the surprise."

Yup, she was definitely drunk.

The door closed behind them and she heard the click of the lock. For a moment, she paused, was she really going to do this? The darkness of the closet was broken only by the glow peaking in between the doors, illuminating Hiro's face like the fire had so many nights before.

"What's the surprise?"

He was holding her hand now. A smile wormed it's way across her face and with no further warning, she pressed her lips to his, roughly forcing them apart as their bodies moved closer together. Hiro's astonishment was evident in the way he froze momentarily and the heat she felt rising from his cheeks. It quickly passed however, and he soon returned the roughness, sliding his hands around her waist. His sudden passion was enough that she found herself being pressed up against the door of the closet. Had she been sober, Astrid would have thanked whoever had decided that the door should be locked, just as she would have noticed the muted yelp of an eavesdropper when her body collided with it. Drunk Astrid, however, was too caught up in Hiro to notice either. She steadied herself with one hand at the base of his neck and the other pressed against his chest, clutching the fabric of his shirt.

He broke away, breathless, and her smile returned.


She cooed, flattening out the wrinkles she'd caused on his shirt before kissing him again, more softly this time. More like their first time. There was no hesitation from Hiro this time, and any stiffness seemed to melt away from his body at the bliss of it. They had abandoned any state of thought or reservation, submitting to the flow of their desires.

Like the ebb and flow of the ocean, they moved. Astrid broke contact with his lips as she began to trail kisses down his neck, starting behind his right ear and working downwards. His skin seemed to burn at her touch and though she felt the muscles of his neck move to swallow sharply, his hands soon wandered downwards from her waist to the small of her back to rest on the seat of her jeans. It was a move that ordinarily would have earned him a fist to the face, but in the heat of the moment, her alcohol addled brain only minutely registered the pressure of his hands as they mimicked the caresses she left along his collarbone.

And then it was over.


With her back facing it, Astrid had not noticed the sudden unlocking and opening of the closet door. Seven minutes had gone by faster than she had thought. Regardless, the room was rewarded with a nice view of Hiro's hands on her backside, frozen in place by the surprise of the sudden interruption. Deftly, Astrid turned so that her back leaned into Hiro, intertwining her fingers with his as she now faced the blue-haired girl at the door.

"Hey, Ayume."

Her smirk appeared a little too natural to completely attribute to alcohol as Hiro finally stammered out a reply, sounding far more embarrassed than she and still firmly rooted to the spot.

"Oh hey....guys.

She led him confidently out of the closet and sat down, letting go of Hiro's hand somewhere along the way. Only after the next two names were drawn did he seem to come to his senses.

"I'm going to get some punch."

Astrid nodded, still too inebriated to really understand what had just happened - or how she felt about it. She'd have plenty of time later to think about that, right? Right now it didn't matter whether the connection she'd felt was the alcohol or something deeper, those were the type of things to be sorted out the following morning.

The rest of the night became a fast-paced blur filled with dancing, games and more glasses of punch then Astrid could count, especially not at the time. She even tripped down the last two stairs and banged her head fairly hard just before meeting Geth to leave. She claimed that she would be alright, but ended up passing out on his shoulder on the train home.

When she woke up the next morning, her recollection of the party was spotty at best and from what Gethin could tell, whole chunks of the night were gone. He laughed especially hard when she said that she had no recollection of what happened in the closet.

"I mean, I know we played Seven Minutes, " she said, sitting on the kitchen counter with an icepack. "but I have no idea what happen -- why are you laughing?"

"Nothing. I need to text Hiro."

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