I'm writing in here just because I want to. I don't really have much to say. I read the last entry. I was touched crying but I'm over it because it's true. I'm so much better now. The cool thing about this year is that it's not a "I have to make everything better" year. Things are good right now. I dare even say great. I have an amazing girlfriend, friends who are just as great, and I'm loving the work I'm doing in school. IN. SCHOOL. This year doesn't really need to 180 my life. honestly... that was last year and a little of 2012. To be more exact... it was meeting my girlfriend. Yeah. You babe. I broke up with Sarah and then with you... everything was better. I was smiling more, I was happy more. Hell even my grades got a little better. Then I went to college and things got better. I loved the freedom, the friends, the art work, everything. I met people who I hope I'll know for a very, very long time. This year... I don't know what I want to do. other than the obvious get a job, a license, a car, and work out so I can be sexy. Cuz I want to be sexy. Any ways! Well guys this is it. I'm officially saying goodbye to one year and all of its greatness, and hello to whatever this one has for me. Seriously though. God. Big J. If you read this. Keep it simple this year. Last one set up pretty well. Let's keep the streak going okay? Cool.