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Wolfs Journal
Lumi White
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Lumi White grunted softly as he pushed himself back up onto a washing machine, singing softly to the empty laundry mat he was in. He really shouldn’t have put it off for so long but lately things had been pretty busy at the pet store he worked out, with the holidays and all that. Now that they were over Lumi was looking forward to things slowing down again. If it hadn’t been for a mouse crawling into his dirty clothes and dying he might have gone on like this for another week but that had been the limit to his gross level.

Hearing a ding Lumi hopped off the washing machine, his white open toed sandals hitting the tile sounding louder than normal in the empty place. Opening the dryer Lumi quickly gathered up his clothes, folding them neatly and stacking them up into the tub he had brought with him. One pale, fragile looking hand reached up to try – and fail – to tuck his brown hair behind one ear for a moment as he turned to look out the front windows of the building. For a few seconds he saw himself reflected in the window, a small mousy eighteen year old with feminine like curves. Really if he put on a dress he could pass as one, as it was the white tank top and shorts he wore showed off miles of lily white skin. Soft gray eyes looked past the reflection to see the darkness outside, turning away from the window to look at the clock. It was just a few minutes after nine, longer than what Lumi had been planning on being out.

Turning back toward his clothes Lumi finished folding up the last shirt, reaching inside the tub to remove his iPod and ear buds. Slipping them into his ears Lumi heaved up the tub, holding it with one hand as he balanced it on his hip as he walked toward the front and opened the door. He paused in the doorway, a chill running over his bare skin and he was tempted to go back inside. With a small sigh Lumi started off down the street, his head lowered as he sorted through his iPod to find something to listen too. It was a long way back to his apartment, six blocks really. While there was a laundry room in the lower half of his apartment building the machines didn’t tend to do a good job, more often than that the clothes would come out even dirtier than when they had gone it. The building he had just left was a little far but it was cheap, and the machine’s worked right at least. Plus there was a bookstore nearby that he loved to visit when he could so he didn’t mind the walk so much. Really, for a kid with no parents he was thankful he had been able to find a small part time job and apartment for such a cheap price.

“Hey sister, do you still believe in love I wonder?” Lumi sang softly, blocking out the rest of the world as he listened to ‘Hey Brother’ by Avicii. Coming around a corner Lumi spotted a small group of men further up, lowering his head slightly as he crossed the road slowly to place more space between him and them. He hummed softly to himself as he started to pass them, feeling goose bumps break out along his skin causing him to pick up the pace a little. Lumi suddenly gasped softly as he stopped right across from them, looking straight ahead but his mind was a million miles away. Turning his head Lumi looked at the men with growing fear, his eyes no longer just a soft grayish color but held a ring of what looked like gold around the pupils growing slowly as though consuming the gray. It stood out clearly even in the darkness of the night, one man even pointed at him causing Lumi to quickly jerk his head forward, away from them and start moving forward at a much quicker pace.

Just before turning around the corner Lumi risked a small glance over his shoulder at the group, his stomach turning slightly when he saw a couple of the men looking at him. Like a frightened mouse Lumi quickly rounded around the corner before breaking out in as much as a fast run as he could, still holding the basket up to his chest. One of the ear buds fell out but Lumi didn’t stop to put it back in nor did he slow down when his legs started to burn from the odd pace and weight of the basket, brown hair falling in front of his once more gray eyes. Those men were bad news, he knew it now. They had done bad things to a lot of people, so much suffering and sorrow but now they had their eyes on him causing his heart to pound heavily in his chest.

How did he know this? Because he saw it of course, saw what lay within their hearts and saw that they were a danger to him. There were times like this ever since Lumi had been a young child when he had seen things like this, saw what would happen before it did. He saw when his grandmother would die and had told her about it, sharing how much he loved her to the point that his parents had believed something to be wrong with him until she really did die just the way he had seen it. Ever since then they never doubted him again – nor had they hidden his gift very well – but just because he saw what was going to happen didn’t mean it was going play out that way. There had been one day when Lumi had awoken from a sound sleep, screaming for his father not to leave to the point his throat had started bleeding. His father hadn’t left that morning which it turned out had saved his life, a bridge that his father normally drove over had gone out causing a lot of people to be hurt but only a few to be killed. Lumi couldn’t always see everything that would happen but what he could he could see if it was good or bad, truthfully he held very little control of this gift. At the moment as he rushed down the darkened streets he hoped it was one of those times when he could change what was about to happen, the twisting of his stomach making him feel as though he was going to vomit from the growing fear.

His apartment building was within sight now and Lumi took another dare in looking over his shoulder but didn’t see anyone behind him, that didn’t really mean much however as there were plenty of alleyways and dark spots for someone to hide in. Just as he reached the door Lumi gasped again, the basket slipping from his fingers to hit the pavement and causing his ear buds to break free fully. Tilting his head back Lumi stared up at the darkened windows with that same golden color forming in his eyes, pressing his slightly shaking hands to his chest. They were in his apartment already; he could see two forms standing in the darkness in his bedroom waiting for him. His cellphone was in his apartment, all of his coins used up doing his laundry. For once rather than allow the sight to slip away after it had shown him something Lumi grasped at it, trying to hold onto it or force it to show him some place where he might be safe but it only caused a headache to form in the back of his head. The gold faded away leaving Lumi standing in front of the building, trembling faintly as he looked around slowly in the darkness.

He ran.

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