I mean i wait and wait but its it worth it...
sometimes i feel that i drag you down
that you dont want to be with me
that you would be better off without me
The way you always leave me for last
the way i am at times forgotten
the way that you sometimes push me away
the way you find exitement
and happiness
or atleast manage to do what you want when i am not there
it hurts me

I dont know if i am doing something wrong
or is this really the punishment i got to pay

Being alone; being forgotten

this silence its consuming me
i can hear the crickets
the breathing of my dogs
the dripping watter comming out of the water sink
the typing of my keyboard as i press every letter
the sights in my voice

I hate this silence

it feeding the demon inside of me
soon letting it out
and nobody will be here to stop it
cause lets face it

Nobody cares

Cause if someone did...they would know i am not ok
even when i say i am

I look around me
its like everything is frozen in time
I look out the window
everyone is living their own life
i live mine
yet i still feel broken
i feel like something is missing
but what is it?

nothing fuffils me
what am i missing ?

I feel so alone
i know i try not to show it
but it hurts deep inside
being lonely
being left behind
being taken for granted

I really hope this feeling inside of me stops
its just hurting so bad
i want to cry
i want to screem

pleasse someone
pleasse someone hear me
i am here
and i am still alive
dont go
dont leave me ....