Part of me didn't want to get up this morning. Brian certainly felt the same way, I'm sure. I awoke to him hugging me tightly and sleeping peacefully. I poke him awake with some effort. His eyes partially open, he gives me a kiss. "Hey, doll face." he says sleepily, snuggling against me. I pet him gently. "Hey, precious." I say. "What time is it?" He asks. I glance over his shoulder with some difficulty. "Seven." I say.

He gets up wearily, yawning. "Blah. It's way too early." he says, stretching. I hug him from behind. "Well, this was your idea." I say playfully. He grasps my hands gently. "You shush." he says. I can almost sense that smirk of his.

We get up, shower and get dressed. He starts packing his stuff as I make us some coffee. "You sure you got everything?" I ask him, bringing our coffee. He nods. "Minus the stuff you're borrowing, yep." he says, double checking. "It isn't much, but I'm giving you my hoodie." I blink in surprise. "Are you sure?" I ask, looking at the bleach stained, but comfortable, piece of fabric. He takes it off and hands it to me. "Just a little something to remember me by." He winks.

I hug him tight, humbled by the simple but personal gift. "I'll wear it with pride." I tell him, kissing his cheek and putting it on. "What'cha wanna do for breakfast?" I ask him. "One last run to the diner." he says. "We can split a thing of pancakes or something." I chuckle softly. "I suppose that's only natural of you to say by now."

We load up his stuff in the car and go for our last breakfast together. For now, anyway. We share a milkshake while working on a mountain of pancakes. I write something on a napkin and pass it to him. "My phone number. Keep it secret and safe." I tell him. He looks quite surprised, and I imagine he's been looking forward to this for a long time. "I will, and thanks." he says.

After breakfast, we go by Station Square to hit up Starbucks. We spend the next few hours just talking and people watching. He felt worried about many things. The state of things at work. The possibility of his family giving him an attitude for taking this trip. "In all honestly, I don't want to go back. Life feels easier here." he says, sipping on his drink. I hold him close. "I know the feeling. Amazing how quickly things can change." I say, trying not to dwell on this very much.

After some deliberation, we decide to spend our final few hours at the airport. We find a place to sit, just enjoying each others company in silence. I look over at him, his eyes bloodshot and looking exhausted. I set an alarm on my phone for half an hour before his flight. "Love, get some sleep. I'll keep an eye out on things for you." I tell him, rubbing his side. He rests his head on my shoulder. "Thanks, babe." he says before dozing off.

I last about fifteen minutes before dozing off myself. The time I did spend awake, I heard an inclimate weather warning hitting the east coast. That made me feel uneasy, hoping he'll be able to get home safely and warmly.

My alarm goes off and we wake up. I fill him in on what I heard before. He tries asking a ticket clerk for any updated information to no avail. "Hmm. This is an interesting conundrum." he says, rather calm about the whole thing. "You'll be alright if the roads close?" I ask him, still nervous. He shrugs. "I'll camp at JFK if that happens. This won't be a first for me, so to speak." he says, recalling his last trip to and from Canada.

Ten minutes before his flight boards. I guess I must look worse than I feel. "Hey..." he says, snapping me out of my thoughts. "What's with the miserable look?" he asks, rubbing my shoulders. "Nothing. Something. I dunno." I say, looking into his eyes. "I'm gonna miss you." It takes a lot of my self control not to cry right then and there. He hugs me tight. "I'll miss you too. I'll give you a call when I get home." he says, shaking slightly himself.

We break our embrace. "I'm not saying good bye, just till we meet again." he says, forcing a smile. I kiss him softly. "Don't be a stranger, precious. You'll always have a home here." I tell him. He nods. "Thanks for saying so. Well then... I must be off. Love you, doll face." "I love you too, prec-- mmm!" he cuts me off, giving me a slow, deep kiss. "Wow..." He winks at me before taking his leave. "May your bacon be crispy and your mana abundant." he says, and walks off to his gate.

I head to the car and make way for home. I still taste his kiss, and the hoodie still has his smell. Not ten minutes since he left, and already I miss him. I take my time getting home.

Gus greets me in his usual, hyper way when I get home. He must have picked up on my demeanor, cause he calmed down pretty quickly. I kneel down and hug him tightly. "It'll take me awhile to adjust to normal life again." I tell him, he just nuzzles my hand in response.

I stop by his thread for a little while before deciding to catch a nap. All that's left to do is wait.