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What's Going On With Monica..
As it's already been said, things don't always work out the way we intend. For me, this is an exact statement in which I couldn't emphasize more. Well, I did TRY to ask out my "crush," he simply ignored me. I have this reoccurring dream that he told all of his friends, who confront me and continuously mock me. It's irritating because it feels so real that I cannot even fathom what would actually happen if he were to tell.. Anyway, lets continue, shall we? The career center class, in which I was supposed to have with my cousin, didn't really work out as planned. She couldn't get a ride to the school in the morning, so she couldn't attend the AM class with me. She's now in the PM class and we send notes to each other through leaving notes within each others binders. xD Next, I made my classes culinary team with the second highest score. I've been to Detroit with Chef and participated in something that will resemble the actual competition. I ended up slicing my finger putting my knives in my kit... Two minutes of being there. xD I've become close with the four other students who go to my home school, and four out of the five make up the six students on the culinary team. The guy I currently like is in the class with me and he goes to my home school, too! It's the first class we've ever had together & I cannot think of why we've never talked before. He was put on the team as a last minute placement, just in case someone didn't show or couldn't make it. He annoys everyone in the class and it's so amusing how he reacts to it all. I make fun of him also, but I've made it clear to him that I do not dislike him in anyway. He's brilliant. He has big, baby blue eyes; dark brown hair, that he keeps perfectly trimmed; and he's tall! He in love with 80s as much as I am, and we even share favorite 80s songs & movies. He's in love with Pitch Perfect, which gets super annoying as he only sings certain songs or recites certain lines. Which then brings me to the sad part, he likes this girl... she's a second year senior in our class. I have nothing against her whatsoever. She's super nice, really tall, pretty & pretty much likes all the things I love. But, the difference is she's actually pretty and I'm a 6 ft freak who embarrasses everyone, including herself, on a daily basis. The only thing I have going for myself anymore are my eyes, but just the color. I used to have my hair, but I tried to change with the new year and cut it.. Oops. I can't compete with her. One thing does make it hard for them to be a couple, she sees him as a younger brother.. Speaking of people I like, my family ALWAYS knows who I like. No matter how many times I emphasize not to tell anyone, my mother tells. I trust her with everything, which seems to be my first mistake. So my Christmas consisted of: "So where does he live? What's last name? I guess I should start cleaning my shot gun.. I have the perfect spot for his body! Now I need his birth date, height, eye color, hair color, weight, and his Social Security number. What do his parents do for a living," ect. My family is so funny! They actually think that I have a chance with him, let alone any other human being.. What really got them was the fact that he drives a Mercedes Benz as his first car. Oh god, that killed them. Moving on. School is good. My next semester starts in two weeks and two days when I get back from break, Then the ACT in March. Also in March, is my culinary competition, & Beaveriety - a talent show I tried out for. Then, in April, I will have the first choir concert where I am in Honors choir. I'm more nervous for my first day of Honors than anything else. Like, I already know where I'm being place. I'll be a 2nd soprano. My director loves how my voice is the perfect range to be both an alto & soprano, so he constantly moves me around telling people to copy me. But now that I'm in Honors, I'm afraid it'll be harder. More never wrecking, ya know? So that's what's going with me, only about half though. I could write an entire book with what's been going on with me. xD So, I'm going to spare you. Love you & thank you for reading my mini book. ~Monica.

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