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Bits and Pieces My insights on the world. Not very smart insights, but they're here just the same. Things about me and some things that'll make you think, "Too much info!". Just my days, what I think, possibly stories/poems and random thoughts.

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It's been forever since I've written here! I have my own word document journal, so I forget about this one XD

Well, I work at a middle school now. I graduated from college with my BA in English. I tried being a postal worker, because that was my dream, but there were no behind the counter positions, so I took one as a carrier. But the driving didn't agree with me. Really. I ended up getting fired as a carrier because I accidentally damaged a parked vehicle as I was pulling out of a parking space. Oops. I asked if I could try to work for them in the future and they didn't even know. But, if I ever did try, it wouldn't be as a driver!

So, I was unemployed for a while. I ended up being a cashier at a grocery store after about a month or two of looking, which was only part-time and I needed full-time with my student and car loans about to kick in. I tried a job as a gatekeeper for intermodal services at a train station (checking the conditions of semis as they came and went), but that only lasted a few days. Did not like that job one bit. At least I'd kept on at the grocery store!

Then I finally found this paraprofessional position. To be honest, I applied half as a joke and half out of desperation. I hadn't seen myself working at a school since I was in 3rd grade and wanted to be a teacher! I don't even like kids very much. Plus, it's kind of a...troubled school. The test scores are abysmal and a lot of the kids either don't try or are in special ed classes. I mean, the amount of paras in this school is ridiculous. But, I don't know. I started out wandering around the room helping 9 special ed kids and any other kids in the class that needed help. Now I'm basically responsible for one girl on Mondays (when her normal para is gone for the day) and the rest of the week I work one-on-one with another girl. They're good kids, they try, the first girl has some emotional problems but is generally good with schoolwork (at least with me) and the second takes a lot of time to do simple assignments and never does homework, so she's very far behind, but she's a good kid. And I've grown to like them and the other kids in class, which is good! I just worry about all the vacation days. It's nice to have Christmas, Spring, and summer vacation so you have breaks, but not when you have bills you need to pay! I need to look for summer jobs or be a nanny or something. This job may just be temporary too.

But I'm living with my friends, Chris and Amanda, who got married in August. I love them, they're great friends, but they're bad roommates! They never clean or do anything. Chris at least hangs out with me and invites me out to make up for the fact that I always have to clean, but Amanda works nights, so I never even see her. Plus they have an annoying cat that I have to deal with and take care of because they forget. But whatever, I can cope. I'm in a lease with them until November and then we'll see what happens. If they have a crying baby I'm OUT! xd

And I'm still with Connor. We broke up for a while. I didn't really want to break up, but he had some issues with alcohol which led to a cheating fiasco and he needed time to sort himself out. He toned down the drinking and, after a month or two in which we were still friends and hung out, we got back together. If it happens again, I'm done, but he's helped me grow as a person and, hell, I've always believed in second chances. I still have some trust issues, but it's going alright. We're doing pretty well. We see each other once or twice a week. I actually live about 10 minutes away from him! Because, oops, I forgot to mention, he moved back to MN! He hated his job in DC and I convinced him that living here would be a better option. He's living with his dad and the place where we happen to live is nearby. He came back here around the time I graduated from college. That's when the cheating thing happened (the day before graduation! He does fine all the time in DC and loses out when he's back on campus!). So, yeah, summer sucked but it all worked out. I like how things are going and I hope things last between us because I really care about this guy.

So, there's the update! Same boyfriend, new job, new area! But life's gonna keep changing, I guarantee it!

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