When we got home from the party, we didn't stay asleep for very long. Well, Brian didn't anyway. After an energy shot, he was back in the living room playing Fatal Frame 2. Which woke me up. xd

After a little idle talk on Gaia, I got up off my butt to wash off all the make up caked on my face and we went out for a little while. Milkshakes and Magic, can't beat that. Heading to the diner, we saw that lovely woman again. "Happy New Year!" she says, smiling. We smile back, returning the sentiment. "Table for two?" she asks. "A booth, please." Brian says, holding me close. "No need for menu's, we know exactly what we want."

We get our booth and order our milkshakes and a cheesecake to split. Played about an hour of Magic, once again turning into an interesting power struggle in the end. He manages to nail me eventually with the most dangerous thing a Vraska deck can manage to generate. Great games overall, though.

We pay our bill and head back home, finally conking out for a few hours. We woke up around 9-ish, had our shower and getting dressed. "You still want breakfast at the diner or no?" asks Brian, taking his insulin. "Hmm... nah. So long as we're headed to Station Square, I could grab something at Starbucks." I tell him.

We take our leave and just barely find parking. Starbucks is hit up first, we grab our usual drinks. We find a seat outdoors and are snuggled up to each other, just watching all the people pass us. We eventually hit up Metrotown and do some window shopping. There's one store that specializes in all things Japanese. Manga, anime, snacks and books. Brian spends about an hour going through the books, looking discouraged after awhile. "What'cha looking for?" I ask him, scanning through the DVD's for something specific myself.

"That Final Fantasy 2 novel. I guess it's more rare than I thought." he says, placing something back on the shelf. "I figured I could scan the pages and ask a few friends to assist with translating the thing." I look up at him. "Have you looked online?" I ask, getting up. He shakes his head. "Not yet, no. What're you looking for, anyway?" he asks. "Amon Saga, pretty sure I told you about it before. Or that you'd be aware of it, anyhow." I say. "Always wanted to see it." He nods. "I'm thinking I'll just download it sometime. I'll send it your way when I do." he says. I kiss his cheek. "Sounds like a good idea."

After another trip to Starbucks, he head home for a little bit. He starts going through the box of old Magic cards we brought back from Port Alberni, while I'm messing around on Gaia and reading stuff. When inquiring about dinner, we decide on Japanese. A fabulous choice for our final night out. smile

I bring him to a bit of a hole in the wall place by Station Square. We're welcomed by a charming young waitress and brought to our table. We both order eel on rice and share some hot sake. While awaiting our food, we do some arm wrestling. We're about evenly matched, much to my surprise. His only crux was burning himself out trying to force a victory at first. xd

Dinner was fantastic, and we walk around a little while sobering up. Once I'm feeling better, we head back to the car and head home. We crash on the couch when we get home, resuming a movie we were watching before we left. He holds me close all the while. "What'cha wanna do after this?" I ask him.

He shrugs. "Dunno. I know we have options. But all things considered, we probably should go out with a bang tonight." I give the idea some thought. "Wanna spar?" I ask. "It'll be good exercise." His enthusiastic jump off the couch was all the answer I got. whee

We move the coffee table aside and I set up a large tumble mat. We start with a brief warm up before assuming our fighting stance. While his coordination needs some work, I can tell he's been paying attention to what he's been taught during the duration of his stay. While it got a little rough, we had fun with this.

We have a short break with sandwiches and tea, and resume soon thereafter. We do some kata, and he mirrors my movements well enough. I let my thoughts wander all the while, thoroughly enjoying this. This bond and closeness. Him being an excellent student thus far. My wishing he could stay longer.

Once done, we grab a shower. Dried and dressed, I get the PS2 going. He's snuggled against me and watching as I play one of our favorite Castlevania games. I stop at a halfway point of sorts, wanting to avoid the really big dungeons in the interest of time. "Magic?" I ask him. He nods, going for our decks.

The next two hours turn out interesting. It was as if fate wanted us to have some difficult and epic matches. While he won the majority of our games, it was still a sight to behold.

We spend some time watching Power Rangers while working on a new deck for the fun of it. Given past experiences, I've grown to like working with him on this stuff. We frequently debated our options for this thing, constantly swapping out cards and talking theoretics.

Eventually, I start heading to bed. Waiting on Brian for the most part. In the very least, we can still have a quick breakfast and lunch before he heads back home. smile