In Greece it is said if you spill coffee on the coffee plate you will have money soon.

Smashing a coffee cup is bad luck.

Big bubbles in your coffee can be a bad sign. In some places however it means your friend is coming. If regular bubbles move towards the drinker that person will become wealthy. But if the bubbles move away that person will be hitting hard times. You are also suppose to drink the coffee quickly if there are bubbles. If you can do so before the bubbles disappear then you will receive money. If bubbles form in the middle of the cup the weather will be sunny.Bubbles around the sides mean rain or snow.

Coffee grounds can be used in fortune telling. However the teller must be paid for the predictions to become true. It also has to be done at night and you can't thank the teller.

If coffee is spilled by a girl her lover is thinking about her.