I found one thing to do now; avoid communicating with ED and VGD morons.

I'm temped to make a list of these conspicuous bastards, but I really don't want their attention.

On this day last year was when I found a game called Silk Road 2 (シルクロード2) and an English patch which broke the game. Since this game is also shareware, the patch gave the unlock password, so I put it into the untranslated version. This gave me the idea of dragging and dropping the game's .exe into Notepad and typing the password into the Find function. I saw it just sitting there, so I took the rest of the shareware games by this SPRITE developer on Vector.co.jp and looked in the general area of the password of the first game. I found all of them.

I'm gonna go see if I can softmod these 3 PS2's and 2 Xbox's now. ******** off.

Update: 1/2/14: Still can't find the PS2 Gameshark, if I even still have it, and make that 1 Xbox since the other is completely dead for whatever reason. I don't care. It was from the garbage, and I got a hard drive out of it, anyway.

Update: 1/4/14: Where the ******** is that green box with the Gameshark? I found PSP Max Media Manager laying around, although I can't get it to detect the USB. I haven't attempted the Xbox yet, because I'm getting annoyed by not knowing where that box is. It might have that PSP Memory Stick in the box which also might work for the PSP detection of the other thing.